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Jeep Patriot Maintenance and Repair



  • david314david314 Posts: 3
    Seriously, consider not getting this vehicle. It is a dog. Maybe the Liberty or other have merit but the jeep is rubbish.
  • david314david314 Posts: 3
    From my experience it is the inevitable slide into a pit of despair as your jeep patriot slowly decays into a useful and embarrassing lawn ornament. I am selling mine before it dies again, and the dealer abuses me further.

    Unfortunately I bought a Jeep P N and it is not a true off road machine. at best it gets your groceries reliably when it snows. that's if the tranny and clutch and everything else works. I have owned cars for 35 years and never had the bad luck to own such an unreliable piece of rubbish, nor to have such inept service and diagnosis as I received from Comox Valley Dodge.
    I suggest you do as I will, and sell. at least before you have the issues I have had, unless you have a fondness for engine trouble lights that mean nothing, or something, nobody knows. Not sure if I will buy another 4x4 or get a car that is better on the highway, maybe look for an old Land Cruiser or something. But unless I shop out of town I will avoid that dealer, our only one, so no more abuse for me from them.
    Sell, before it disappoints. Leave her before she leaves you!
  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 20

    I own a '08 Jeep Patriot FWD w/75,000mi. It has a CVT. My transmission problem: It mysteriously goes into transmission "limp mode" for no apparent reason. By limp mode I mean RPMs won't exceed 1500 and unless going downhill car speed goes up very slowly to about 30 - 35 MPH. After stopping & starting the engine, it cures itself for a while before falling into limp mode again. By trial and error, I have found that I know immediately when it's in limp mode when I start because when first shifting from Park to Reverse, I feel the car clunk & shudder & I know it's in limp mode. When that happens (now 2 of every 3 times I start the car) I immediately put the car back in Park & then as quickly as I can, I turn the engine off & then turn it on again. Every time I go through that procedure the limp mode clears & the car then drives fine until the next time I shut down and have to restart.

    Does anyone have thoughts about what's causing the transmission to frequently fall into limp mode. The CEL light comes on during or shortly after limp mode and then randomly goes off again or not. Thanks!

  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 20

    Further to my 8/4 message above, the check engine code is p0700 -- a general transmission code for which further communication with the transmission control module is necessary. But like I said, the limp mode only manifests itself on start-up, never while driving. And once I clear limp mode by re-starting, the car runs fine.

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