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Pontiac Torrent



  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    i am running Mobil1 5W30 in our tnt.
  • I've always run Mobil1 oil in all my previous vehicles, and want to continue with this one. I just didn't know if being a new vehicle, there were some reason I shouldn't do that. (I bought this one new and it is the first vehicle I've ever purchased that didn't already have 60-80K miles on it)

    I had an 1987 Pontiac Firebird and a 1991 Pontiac 6000 that I ran Mobil1 oil in from the time I bought them (each with approx. 80K miles) and they both were still running strong when I sold them with nearly 200K miles on the odometer. I didn't keep my 1998 Durango that long, but at 122K miles she ran stronger than when I bought her with 60K miles. I got 1-2 mpg better in the Durango with Mobil1 than regular 'dino' oil. :)
  • kfrielkfriel Posts: 31
    I would have to look at the list, but I do know it was Maitenance II in the service book. Car it replaced was a Subaru so I was just exited when it was only $100! I wanted to ask "is that all?" I think it was about 10,4XX miles. First service came up at 5,6XX miles and was $50
  • peteybpeteyb Posts: 2
    I'm concerned about the security of the roof rack crossrails. Can they be removed by simply lifting the levers - I don't see locks retaining them. If so, do they sell any aftermarket items (locks)to secure them?
  • To the best of my knowledge, there are no such locks. Yes, they can be removed, simply by opening the lever.

    That's why mine are staying in my garage until I need them. Well, that and the fact that they create a ridiculous amount of wind noise in almost all positions. :(
  • I's probably a good idea to take the crossbars down until you need them. I take ours off and on frequently, as we have a kayak, and it really isn't a hassle.
  • I can't say much about it...I've had it for 3K miles without any problems.

    I'm getting about 23MPG (70 freeway/30 city).
    It has nice pickup and acceleration.
    The only negative (if it really is a negative) is that it is in deed noisy. It doesn't bother me but you just get this feeling of "if its noisy is it not as refined?...and if its not as refined is it of lower quality?"
  • our torrent has 12000 miles on it now. it is a fwd model and on one trip, 189 miles we got 29.5 mpg. i figued the mileage by stting the trip odometer to 0, driving the trip, refilling the car and dividing the miles by the gallons used to refill the car. i believe the growl you hear is fromt the exhaust system in imho. thats where the sound appears to come from to me. i think they are a good engine and had some gasket issues in the past.
    i wish ours had all the improvements the 07 models got, but my wife is the main driver of ours and she is very happy as it sits.
  • rlt2rlt2 Posts: 13
    Regarding coin holder - just bought my 2006 Torrent and have no coin holder. Did anyone find out if there is one? They show one in the brochure on the Torrent. My dealer checked the other Torrent's on the lot and they don't have one either. Could it be an option?
  • rlt2rlt2 Posts: 13
    Hi - I just leased my Torrent. We never considered leasing before because we do too many miles (24,000/year). Salesman talked us into leaseing giving us 24,000 a year. Final - $410/month, no money down except for registration ($400), buy out at end if we want is $11,500. Sticker price was $26,500, but we got about $4,000 off from rebates, etc. You can probably get a cheaper lease, but since we added more miles ours was more expensive.
  • Have you approximated your MPG otherwise? Its possible you might experience the best conditions possible to achieve that 29.5 but I would be shocked and want to steal your torrent if you can get that ever again.

    The exhaust is actually loud as well or in combination with the engine. I'm talking about the engine being loud in idle.
  • Yeah, the 3.4 is pretty loud on it's own. My Torrent and my girlfriend's 2004 Grand Am GT both have that motor, and they both sound the same. It seems even louder in the cabin of her car, I'm assuming due to the Torrent having more sound-deadening material on the firewall.
  • I tracked down info about this from my dealer and neglected to get back on here to post what I found.

    I pressed my dealer for one and he denied it even existed. I had to take my owners manual into the dealership and show him that on page 2-35 it specifically talks about the coinholder! Much to my surprise, 2 days later he calls me and tells me he has one and I can stop by to pick it up at any time.

    His story goes like this: Pontiac figured out, about half-way through out the 2006 production run, that it was not a 'cost effective accessory' because people wouldn't miss it if it were gone. They quit adding them in at that point, but failed to change the owners manual.

    Take that for what it is... a dealer's word. All I know is... I got mine! ;)
  • Hi, I'm new here and could use some help.

    I would like to lease an '07 Torrent FWD with the following options added: Sun and Sound package, Pioneer Premium 7 speaker system. When I built the car online, the MSRP came out to $24.465 and the invoice $22,849. I would like to do a 39 month lease with no money down and rolling the tax and fees (not DMV, of course) in as well. I only need about 12,000 miles a year. Basically, I do not want any out-of-pocket expense except for the first month and the DMV fees.

    What do you think my monthly lease payments will be?

    I was in a Pontiac dealership today and got a quote of over $400. This seemed extremely high to me (and to the salesman, he said). He explained that since the '07's just came out, there were no attractive lease incentives yet. He went on to say that if I had leased an '06 LAST month, I could have gotten out for somewhere between $275 - $300 (which is where I want to be, or at least close.)

    Is this true? And if so, how long before the lease incentives kick in for the '07's? He told me to try back in a month or two (and that he would contact me as well) but he couldn't say for sure. Problem is, my lease is up next month (October) and now I have to decide whether to extend it by a month or two in hopes of the Torrent lease prices coming down or, getting a Ford Escape which would be much closer to my present price range.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I looked at the Chevy Equinox as well (they're basically the same car) and ran into the same problem. Too early (I was told) for attractive lease incentives.


  • rlt2rlt2 Posts: 13
    Hi. I just leased an AWD 2006 Torrent on Labor Day. List price was $26,500, I got about $4,000 off - so around $22,000. Lease was $410 per month but I got 24,000 miles per year, since we drive a lot. No money down. With 12,000 miles I believe it would have been around $325 for same model.
  • I think what your guy told you is probably true... too early to get any good deals on a model that just came out.
    For what it's worth, I just bought my '06 Torrent in July with the Packages that you mentioned, plus XM, leather, and the better wheels. My payments to OWN it are $416 a month. That was with $6K of negative equity from trading in my Durango, and Zero Percent financing. To see people getting a 4 year lease with the same payment reinforces my belief that I got a good deal. Compare the 4-year lease plus over $11K buyout with a 5 year loan... Same payments for the 4 years, and less than $5K for the last year. That's $6K less than the lease! Whew!
  • In the Spring of '08, the GTP might get the 3.6L DOHC engine that Suzuki will be using in the new XL-7. One sweet engine. I think the 3.4 will continue to be imported as GM cares more about cheap labor in Asia then keeping workers here in North America.
  • rlt2rlt2 Posts: 13
    Thanks. I went back to dealer with brochure and showed him vehicle with coin holder in it. They ended up ordering one for me - no charge. It may seem like a minor accessory but for me I'm constantly traveling on toll roads and a coin holder is a definite plus.
  • rlt2rlt2 Posts: 13
    Wow that is a good deal. What did you end up paying for the vehicle? $19,000?
  • I would have to look at the papers to be sure... I hate to admit it, but I haven't looked at them since I signed them back on July 1st. If memory serves me correctly, it was more like $20-something... maybe even closer to $21K. I think I got a heck of a good deal, and the salesman/new car manager were both happy to see me leave. Haha.
  • I don't know if anyone saw this...but this is just another reason to question the credability of First off the Torrent recieved a bad review in a narrative sense.

    Then recieved POOR markings for fuel economy and fit/finish.

    1st off fit/finish is subjective and I give the Torrent a VERY GOOD.
    2nd the 05' Equinox recieved a VERY GOOD for fuel economy...what they hell, the Torrent is the exact same car mechanically, except for suspension.
  • rlt2rlt2 Posts: 13
    I totally agree. I love the interior of the Torrent and don't believe the fit & finish is poor. Also, I've gotten between 18-20 mpg in stop and go traffic. What do they expect for an AWD SUV? I was unsure about my purchase of the Torrent since Consumers gave it a bad review. I've only owned the vehicle for 2 months so I'm just not sure about the reliability in the coming years, but hopefully all will be well.
  • I love most of the fit and finish of my Torrent. However, there are a few things that I think were poorly done and could be better. Have you had to climb into the back of yours yet? Put your knee down just about anywhere behind the rear seat, and pay attention to how everything flexes and bows in and out. Particularly so with the trim to the sides of the liftgate's latch plate. It sinks in if you push on it with just your hand! In my last suv ('98 Dodge Durango) I transported a small load of bricks in the back... I would never even think about it in this Torrent for fear of breaking something.

    That being said... I love my Torrent because it's smoother and quieter than my Durango was. I love my Torrent because it handles so much better than my Durango did. But most of all, I love my Torrent because my gas mileage in my Durango averaged between 11 and 13 MPG, and my Torrent is averaging just under 22MPG and 90% of my driving is either stop and go traffic... or going between 75-85mph on the freeway. That kicks some serious butt!

    (Hehe, before my break in... when I was trying to take it easy on my Torrent... I didn't drive over 70mph. I once got 25.5MPG in regular weekend driving. So Consumer Reports can kiss my a$$. Besides... everyone knows CR is all just paid advertising anyway. With all but a small handful of cars, they've always ripped apart anything GM...)
  • Another thing I don't understand is the oil capactiy issue...I heard some dealers are putting in 5 qts, when the manual calls for 4 qts (with oil filter). So I went for an oil change told the guy it only took 4 qts with oil filter and sure enough you showed me the dipstick and it was underfilled with 4qts...looking like this bad boy takes 4.5 qts.
  • That's common. My girlfriend's Grand Am with the 3.4l takes 4.5 quarts as well.
  • The 3.4 is not a new engine the dealers must have some experiance with it. most dealers have a pre set oil pump that they set to the required amount of oil. Has anyone asked different dealers what they actually put in the engine
  • My experience was with a well rated dealership. When the oil change invoice said 5 qt. I immediately said something to the service man. Upon checking the dipstick (which was well about the hatch marks) he said they would drain the excess. Since it was late in the day, the regular service people had gone home, and HE couldn't do, but he told me to drive it home anyway. I pointed out to him the manual that says DO NOT DRIVE if over filled. I refused. The next day when I picked the Torrent up, the bill said 4 qts. of oil, but the service guy said it took 4.5. But the dipstick said the level was o.k.
    The service guy telling me to go directly against the manual along with some other issues is the reason I will no longer do business with this dealership. The salesman was great! But I have no faith in their highly rated service department. Ultimately I would be the one at fault, and have to pay the price.
    I do not see anyone complaining about a "thump, thump, thump" that I hear on a semi regular basis. It is always 3 thumps in a row, coming from the rear of the vehicle. Never more thumps; never less than 3 quick thumps. I can not duplicate it if I try; obviously the service department (in over 11 days) said they could not either. Weird actually, and annoying. I have documented time after time, including weather conditions, fuel tank level, etc. No luck. I have talked to another Torrent owner who said they have never heard it.
    I have read the Equinox platform it is built on has had "thump, thump, thump" in the Equinox. But the problem is not solved either. Same circumstances. Just wondering if anyone else has heard them.
  • Anyone on here going to wait for the oil change light to come on before they do it? I wanted to... but I'm at 4,500 miles now and I'm starting to sweat. I called the service department where I bought the vehicle to ask what they recommended, but the bubba that answered didn't have a clue and said, "Well, I don't know but I wouldn't go more than 3,000 miles."
  • m4825m4825 Posts: 11
    I actually own a 2005 Equinox and a 2006 Torrent. (Wife and daughter's cars)! Neither has ever made any thump noise we have been able to hear, or had any major problems to this day. :)

    My son owns a 2000 Cavalier he uses for daily driving that makes the very same noise you are describing. On his vehicle the ABS does a self diagnosis upon startup after a few seconds - three very distinct and easily heard thumps as the Servo's in that ABS mechanism orient themselves to their top/ upper position. In his car if you did not know what was making the noise, it is hard to determine just where exactly it comes from as far as sound direction is concerned. Granted that his Cavalier has the Delco VI system, which has been since changed to a newer model.

    I also have a 2001 Silverado that also makes a very slight noise that can sometimes be heard - three thumps (very, very faint) as the ABS self tests. Don't know if this may be your culprit but if it is, according to several of the repair manuals for GM braking systems, it is a normal ocurrence. Just some food for thought........
  • Changing your oil every 3K miles is a myth…that’s why companies like Valvoline and Quaker state pronounce so they can obviously sell more oil.

    Generally speaking it depends on your driving habits (for example taking off from the stop light at 4000RPMs) you shouldn't need to change your oil until about 5K miles…even more so with synthetics. I go by the oil life monitoring system but if it doesn't go off by 5K miles I just change it. There is a suggested time frame you should change your oil if the oil life light doesn't come on…not sure if its 1 year or 6 months.

    When I was over in Europe my Europenan co-workers asked why Americans changed there oil every 3K miles they just couldn't comprehend it. One of them had a 1 year old Audi TT with 30K miles and he only changed the oil 2x (used synthetic oil).
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