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Honda CR-V Navigation System



  • Thanks for the information. I purchased my 2012 CRV EXL in May. Since then, I have had two instances where the navigation system could not find the address of a well known store and hotel. When I entered the name of the store, it gave me a listing in Oregon, North Carolina? Same with the well known hotel. I am in California! My portable Garmin GPS did not give me this much trouble. I am disappointed in this feature. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to enter the street address without splitting the name of the city or street and then entering the street number. Google maps has the address as "Third" St. The street sign indicated "3rd" St. It is obvious that the system cannot distinguish from the two ways of spelling.

    I have Continental Pro Cross tires on the car. I hope I get some decent wear on them.
  • There's a lot the Honda CRV-11 can't do and it would appear later editions are no better. I battled for some consideration from Honda for many months and, during that time, here at Edmunds and elsewhere, I received many Honda CR-V owner comments similar to yours and mine. It was our determination, though speculative, that Honda had ordered many thousands of the NAV systems in 2008 or before and then sales dropped so they failed to unload as many as they had on the shelf. Compared to other in-dash systems, (not to mention Garmins) it is steam-powered. The Bluetooth features are terribly deficient and, to cover that in their marketing, promotional materials and manuals, they attempt to blame it on owners' phones as being "not compatible" when, in fact, no phone produced in the U.S. IS compatible. Anyway, I've looked at some after-market systems and, as soon as the warranty runs out on this, I'll be replace mine with something that is commenserate with other late model autos that really are equipped with late model equipment.

    Oh, also, we got only 16,000 miles on our factory equipped tires. Outrageous! and, for a "loaded" car, we wound up putting a good rear view mirror and fog lights on which, along with the tires, set us back almost $2000.
  • it's quite amazing to be reading about this problem today. My '07 Acura has a laughable POI database; I reported back in '08 that a search for Shopping / Costco, while sitting in the Bay Area (CA), would bring up 'hits' in Alabama or Oregon or whatever, and the problem was widespread across multiple businesses and categories. I have resolved use my iPhone for initial address lookup, then I plug the address into the GPS (at which point it does a very good job of actually getting me there). You would think that they would have cleared this up by now, since it's a simple problem to fix (just have the database cleaned up - I could fix this myself in a week or two if I had access to all the info).

    Any <$200 Garmin or Magellan or whatever gets this right; whoever works on the (Alpine?) solution should be fired for this!

    Having said that, I'll still buy the 'Nav' model just because it's always there, requires no wiring, etc, and - as mentioned - does a good job of getting you there once you do find your destination.
  • I don't bother much with the Honda's NAV system, even though it cost $1500, anymore. I use Google Maps, MapQuest, my phone or Garmin. I just figure the $1500 is wasted, as if I had bet black on a roulette table and it came up red.

    As for the tires, it was Continential that last us 16k. Our roads here in Nevada are very mountainous and we have extreme weather so maybe you'll do better.
  • vat19vat19 Posts: 5
    Hi John, we just bought a pair of CRV 2013, one LX and One EX. Do you know of a good after market Nav system? I am wanting a GPS to speak thru the car speakers and interupt the music when giving you directions, very much like when you receive a phone call. Thanks in advance
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited March 2013
    Try the Navigation GPS Systems discussion too.
  • vat19vat19 Posts: 5
    Thank you Steve
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Interesting comment you made about skipping the NAV as it was a very expensive upgrade for 2008 technology. Honda reads these boards; maybe they'll get it figured out soon.
  • vat19vat19 Posts: 5
    Yes Steve, I bought 2 CRV 2013 in the last 2 months, one an LX and one EX. Honda does not allow the built in NAV system as an upgrade or add on feature. If you want a built in NAV system they are forcing you to purchase an EX-L-NAV, which has the leather seats and a few other options, like upgraded stereo including a sub woofer which does not perform, dual zone AC, Auto climate control , electric seats and heated seats etc. The additional difference is $3,000 more. I have read in a forum where the NAV systems they are putting in these cars are old technology units that apparently you can purchase off ebay for about $300-$500. The CRV is great. I am on my second tank of gas and I am currently getting 33.9mpg according to the on board computer.. I just wish I can find a GPS NAV unit or system that would be able to intergrate with Honda's I-Mid system.
  • The 2011 NAV (actually an older one they had on inventory and wanted to get rid of, as far as we can tell) does interrupt music to give directions, incoming calls. My problems with the system were primarily incompatibility with 2011 Bluetooth technology and they tried to cover it up by having this gird of "compatable" phones and no phone then made in the U.S. was compatable enough to utilize all Bluetooth features. Pretty sly.

    Also, as for accurate directions, it is OK most of the time but not as good as Garmin or even Google Maps, Mapquest. I paid $1500 for it and they nailed me for a "Update CD" that was $185, a year later. They've since issued another "Update CD" but I didn't buy it between my Garmin and phone, I have all the navigation I need. The Bluetooth problem is hard wired in the NAV system and can't be fixed or improved with an "Update CD."

    While looking for an aftermarket NAV system to replace the crappy Honda system, I ran across this company:

    They are basically wholesale (probably where Honda gets their NAV system) but do sell indivually on some equipment. They have literally hundreds of NAV systems that all appear to be better than the one in my 2011 Honda CRV. I think that may be because the one Honda put in my car was a model they couldn't sell in 2008 and technology on all such equipment is much improved now. Anyway, they sell units made specifically for the CRV and, even with shipping from China, they're about 1/3rd what we paid for the Honda CRV. Be advised, however, if you replace the factory equipped NAV, the warranty is violated. I can't vouch for the quality of their stuff but I do see this company in a lot of literature about big wholesale sellers in China. (I wound up not buying a replacement NAV since I use my Garmin or phone to navigate and most of the other features on the Honda NAV are OK.)
  • lucasm1lucasm1 Posts: 1
    How do you turn off the navigation system?
  • I currently have a 2011 CR-V with Navigation. The Navigation does not state whether it is giving you the fastest route. The only possible option is "Direct Route" (other options being minimize/maximize freeways, etc.). Is that comparable to "Fastest/Quickest Route" as you see on Garmins, built in to the Rav4, etc.?
    I am asking this question because I am looking to trade in my car for a 2013 CR-V but want to be comfortable with the Navigation before doing so.
    Thanks in advance
  • If you didn't trade in yet, you might as well go for a 2014 model in the coming months since Honda isn't bothered to upgrade the Nav yet!
  • Is there any way to turn off the voice only navigation requirement when the vehicle is moving?
  • bmfcbmfc Posts: 9
    edited September 2013
    I can't figure out how to turn off that "feature." The nav thinks it's being safe by requiring us to use the voice commands instead of pressing the buttons but you still have to look at the screen to see where the command you want is located.

    I have a 2013 with this nonsense. It wasn't part of my 2010 so Honda added this but still hasn't give us Homelink.

  • sewldssewlds Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2008 Honda CRV...If I want to go shopping, and request for example the nearest Walmart. It sends me 1300 miles from home. Even though I have my home address in, and there are 4 walmarts within 10 miles of my home???
  • I have researched the Honda CRV Navigation system beginning in 2011.
    First, and probably no surprise, it is one of the worst available . After paying the price equivalent to a new Garmin with actual advanced features,8 I shelled out their special discount price of $100. I am a former CIO WITH VAST RESOURCES & contacts. Not one of the 2 year changes to our interstates was any different. Moreover, any upgrade must disclose exactly what has been upgraded. Honda did not have that info. I then took both the original and the update CD. I used a gov't program to compare both software and data. No software change of any significance, and the only change as I remember, was either in Montana or Alaska, however nothing anywhere near where I would be driving on the East Coast. Honda blamed Navtek who provides the yearly raw data to Honda where it can be accidentally changed because the file was not read only. I used my resources and contacted the development/IT section of Navtek. They reported on any upgrade , the data is 2-3 years behind.
    In essense, what I paid for was a duplicate of what I had with the version changed to reflect the current year.
    The upgrade comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, however, Honda reported that since the system now displayed the version change and year, that the original version was not backwards compatible and would need taken to my Honda Dealer. In addition they could not guarantee a service charge for backdating the nav system.
    A few anomolies:
    When searching for a known place, the system using GPS has my location, (the basis of any default search parameters. If if am within a few miles of the location but don't have the specific city or zip, the GPS provides any location beginning with those closest to me, just like every other Nav unit for the last decade. BUT NOT THE HONDA PIECE OF &[email protected] It begins listing locations in California, Phoenix etc. Again this an annoying bug to add to the other 25 egregious issues which make it only useful if all the name, address, and city is available. My technicians report the location from the GPS, nor the State listed have any bearing. It performs a nationwide search. The constant mailed ads are nothing short of an Internet Scam, and while slow, the FTC and I
  • dandrwdandrw Posts: 10
    Maybe it's because I'm old school but why the need for Navigation system?It's a fact that the more high tech gizmos the more problems. I've been driving across this country for over 50 years and a good map is all anybody needs.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited December 2013
    I'm old school and have driven all over too (my first traffic stop was 48 years ago), and I love my nav. Not giving it back. Saves a lot of time and gas and frustration.

    You can keep your carbs too. :D
  • bmfcbmfc Posts: 9

    Thank you rossgu77. I purchased an update two years ago because of a new highway but it wasn't included in the updated. I complained and my money was refunded. As for one of those anomalies: agreed! I was once blocks away from a local restaurant (Maryland) but couldn't find it so I typed in the name and was given a restaurant by the same name in Arizona!

  • dandrwdandrw Posts: 10

    It appears these NAV systems are not reliable for a lot of people. Give me a good map anyday. There's no wasting gas, no frustration.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited December 2013

    Took my Garmin to California last week and used it to get around San Diego in the rental car. In the dark. No pulling over in odd spots and trying to find the interior light switch so I could find the street the restaurant was on (my Garmin had the restaurant listed as a POI. Just punch it and go).

  • @justtryhere said:
    I currently have a 2011 CR-V with Navigation. The Navigation does not state whether it is giving you the fastest route. The only possible option is "Direct Route" (other options being minimize/maximize freeways, etc.). Is that comparable to "Fastest/Quickest Route" as you see on Garmins, built in to the Rav4, etc.?
    I am asking this question because I am looking to trade in my car for a 2013 CR-V but want to be comfortable with the Navigation before doing so.
    Thanks in advance

  • Please let me know if any info surfaces on the 2013 navigation. I am holding off a few weeks before I make a decision on 2014 Awd with nav. I test drove one. I was hoping they had blind spot warning as does the rav4. There is a blind spot on passanger's back window. If navigation is bad, I will get something else. If I am paying 30k I want it to be right. Thanks

  • 2014 CR-V W/Navi

    On reading the owner manuals i read that when the ambient light sensor detects less light, it turns on the headlamps when switch set to Auto and also switches the Navigation background to whatever is configured as Night mode in the Nav system. Turns out that my Navigation never switches automatically and has to be switched manually to Night mode. has any one observed a similar problem? Am i misinterpreting the feature altogether and is it not supposed to switch to night mode automatically? Please advise if anyone has any experience.
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