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2005 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • My mechanic is at his wits end. We put car in garage to fix problem with temperature spiking, when traveling temperature gauge goes to normal and at stop lights - it begins to spike. We have replaced the thermostat, water pump and radiator. He says head gaskets are still in good shape. Does anyone have any other suggestions? It continues to do the same and he has placed a call to Chevy dealer service manager.
  • holdn5holdn5 Posts: 10
    Sounds exactly like what ours was doing, to a T. I think we replaced the thermostat like 4 times. You can go back and read my drama on here, but what our mechanic ended up finding was that there is or was a problem with the engine block from the get go. Every other GM dealer we brought it to failed to figure this out. They were initially going to replace the gaskets, but then realized in doing so, we'd end up right where we started since the gaskets weren't the problem, it was the engine. They ended up putting in a brand new engine.

    Honestly, we were having identical problems (over a 3-4 year span). I'm not sure what the actual diagnosis was or how they figured it out, but I do know it was a faulty engine block from the get go.
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi, sorry to hear about the car, but i had the same problem, that is why i sold it, the dex cool they use, causes the head to crack all over, i had one checked with dye, and it was loaded with cracks, gm don;t have to recall any of these, becuase it was during the time the government had gm, under the buy out, it will cost you around a few thousand to if, and thats not saying something else won;t be wrong too, good luck,
  • thanks for your response, I think the car is going to be a trade-in. :(
  • I have lost hope for my equinox... My story is above in a couple of segments , but with diagnostic time, money for repairs and continued break down of parts the short story is I have paid for a car for the last year and have not driven it enough to even warrant an oil change.. 72000 miles when I bought it and now sitting at a shop waiting for a drive train at 74000 miles.... Makes me sick!!!! New transmission, transmission modulator, shocks.... Head gasket.. Chipped stero and heating issues that have not been resolved. I feel like I need to drive the dang thing on a pillow with "fragile, easily broken." it makes me cry.
  • My equinox did something similar and it ended up being the transmission. It did not always do it, but seemed to be affected more in the rain. Heard it happened to someone else after a car wash ... My car had a little over 72000 miles. It is sickening huh? My thoughts are with you... :lemon:
  • my equinox is now history, traded it in...
  • Good for you.. Mine is going too, once it gets out of the shop. I'm buying a bicycle hahaha :)
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi, sorry for all the problems you sre having, i know how you feel i was in the same boat two yrs ago. i did alot of checking and had some friends who build engines for race cars check, and it all came back to the dexcool they use as a coolant. it turns to something thick like mud, it cracks the heads, and i seen one that had a dye check, and there were alot of cracks, and from there anyplace the coolant run through could have a problem, like the heater etc, you can also check on comsumer type in car and year, and see more info from people, as for me was was alway and gm guy, i now own a toyota.. good luck
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    For owners of the older Equinox, suggest you check your maintenance schedule for required frequency of coolant system flushing and dexcool replacement.
  • I realize this forum is for 2005 Equinox....I had an 06, they have to be pretty similar right? Thought I'd add to the Equinox saga... I bought mine slightly used in 07...well about a month ago my boyfriend was on the highway driving the dogs to the vet and the head gasket blew, car lost power, we were somehow able to make it to the nearest Chevy dealer about 2 miles away. After inspection, they told me it would be over $2000 to repair. No way was I going to drop $2k out of pocket with a chance they might find even more things wrong. At the time, I was not aware of the common head gasket issue with Equinoxes and of course the dealership made no mention of it. My Equinox only had 65,000 miles on it and I (along with everyone I know) kept saying, how does a vehcile with 65,000 miles blow a head gasket??? Also to add fuel on the fire here, I just dropped 600 bucks on new tires TWO days before the head gasket blew.

    So since I already spent $600 2 days before, I didn't exactly have an extra $2k to spare so the only option we were left with was to trade it in. I contacted some other dealers since I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of buying another Chevy and no one would accept my car in the condition it was in since they don't have mechanics to repair it. Therefore, I was stuck buying another Chevy. And since we have large dogs and need an SUV, I was stuck buying another Equinox as a Traverse or Tahoe is way out of my price range. I'm pretty disappointed with all of this, I really liked my old Equinox and it had such low miles, I was planning to drive it for a long I finally got the new tires dang it!!! I will be fuming about that for a while :)

    Now I have a 2012 Equinox LS which is only a 4 cylinder FWD (the 2006 was V6 AWD LT) so from what I've read these newer models won't have the head gasket issues with the smaller engine. However, I'm still concerned that something else will go majorly wrong so I'll probably trade this sucker in before the warranty is up. Oh also, the 2006 had two wheel bearings go bad shortly after I bought it but those were thankfully covered under the extended warranty because they were around $1000 each to repair. I just wanted to share my story - and warn you all, the 2006 is a lemon too!!!
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I'm sorry that everything turned out the way it did with your 2006. Hopefully your 2012 will take good care of you! If we can ever be of assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected]

    GM Customer Service
  • cmiddencmidden Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2005 Equinox. It has been taken to the mechanic two times, they can't figure out what is wrong with it. What did you find out was wrong with yours?
  • blue54blue54 Posts: 1
    I own a 2005 equinox and I'm very upset with the quality of Chevy. My husband and I have only purchased Chevrolet's, but now we are going foreign. I have 67,000 miles on my 2005 equinox recently it began over heating and my dealership said it needed a thermostat, which we replaced, but it continued to run hot 67,0000 mile and now they say it's the gaskets and the valves are bad. I'm looking at $2,200 and just put $1,300 into it in April. If that isn't enough they say my air conditioner is going and that will be more money $900.00. I must also say the cosmetic feature of the equinox is CHEEP!!! The numbers on my radio are disappearing and the paint or what every it is on the doors are scraping off.

    They say What....Chevy Runs Deep....I'd agree....Runs you deep in debt...

    Beware don't buy Equinox.
  • The story continues (had to get a new username as fb login did not work) In April of 2012 I got my Equinox out of the shop. The CV joints were put together incorrectly when the transmission was done... and some other issues that I just cannot recall right now were fixed. I had to register the car before brining it home so I got a new Maine License Plate that reads "Lemnnox". I am still upside down on the loan, so figured I'd give it one more chance and sell it next year...and it drove better then it ever had before. I was hopeful. In May we had a rain storm for a couple of days. It cleared up. I drove it to work for a 2 hour meeting. When I returned there was 3 inches of water all in the interior of my car. I used the shop vac to clean the mess for 2 days. I bought it back to my mechanic who drained the spare tire well. Then with 77k on the vehicle (bought it at 72k) the vehicle is not liking hills again. Going up a hill the RPMS go high and the MPH go low. FANTASTIC! The dealership I bought it from is going to fix it with a 100 dollar deductible. I am not being fooled this time around. It is being put up for sale. But first I am taking a picture of the car with my Lemon plate - I am also going to to try to change the Lemon Laws in Maine at least, because no one should go through all this hassle. I don't blame it all on the used car dealer, I think Chevrolet made one heck of a piece of Junk with this car. I am never ever buying Chevrolet again and I will do what I can (websites, news articles...what have you) to share this story until the sour taste is out of my mouth. :mad: :P :lemon:
  • "They say What....Chevy Runs Deep....I'd agree....Runs you deep in debt..."

    I love this quote!! I hope your next vehicle treats you well.

    I am so sickenend that each of these Equinox stories are so similiar and Chevrolet does not do anything but make surface applogies for their junk. If I manufactured a product, I would want to stand by it.
  • I should have stuck with Toyota. Bought an 05 about 3 months ago with 64,000 miles on it. I love but there is a huge blind spot were the drivers side mirror is. A actually hit a lady pushing a cart with two little girls in it. LUCKILY no one was hurt. So far I have not had any mechanical problens but reading all these reveiws makes me glad I paid an extra 1600.00 for an extended warrenty. If all of the 05's are crap, I'm not looking forward to any of these problems occuring. Wish me luck~ Oh mine also has the egnition probs. Sometimes it doesn't start very well. I also don't drive very far with, less than 200 miles a months.
  • Good morning dylansmum,
    We're very glad to hear that everybody was okay in the incident you described! We've documented your feedback, and if there is anything you would like for us to check into please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] with more details (include your name, contact information, and the last 8 digits of your VIN).
    GM Customer Service
  • Could not sell the Lemmonx in good faith and the transmission is gone again at 77,440 miles. Wrote complaint to State Investigators with the BMV. Junk.
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    edited December 2012
    At about 50K miles I noticed some problems with acceleration and the transmission seemed to be acting up.
    The actual problem was the spark plug wires. The cheap OEM's were electrically breaking down and not providing proper spark to the plugs.
    Due to computer being confused by this, the transmission will start bucking with acceleration.

    The solution was to replaced the plug wires and plugs with a quality set. All these problems cleared up, and it felt like I put in a new engine and transmission!
    Low transmission fluid can also cause shifting problems. A small dipstick is located at the bottom front of trans. It's tricky to check level, but it can be done. Details in shop manual or at dealer.
    If you have any drive-ability problems like I mention, be sure to do these fixes first.

    Watch out for that unknowing or shady mechanic that may convince you that your transmission or something else needs to be replaced. :cry:

    Wife and I bought the 2005 Equinox new and so far it has been a good vehicle for our family. (It's actually her vehicle) So far she has 85,000 miles on it and it still looks like new and runs great!
    So far, no major problems, with electrical, cooling system, engine or drivetrain, just regular maintenance.
    My wife loves her Equinox LT and so far this one is a Keeper! ;)
  • babyrockbabyrock Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    I have taken such good care of my equinox and now it has overheated twice. Thermostat changed twice and now it shakes when I start it until it warms up! It has now started to jerk a bit when driving on freeway. Engine light came on and pep boys said it was a leaky valve, which we replaced! Engine light came on again they said it is misfiring on cylinder 2, is it only going to get worst from here? 80% of the work aha been done by pep boys as the dealer is way to expensive. Already changed the timer gasket on it and flushed the radiator, which still smells as if something is burning or leaking fluid, but no leaks! Haven't fixed the misfire yet as pep boys just re-did the leaky hose and the check engine light turned off, but it still shakes, any advice? I need help! The truck has 108k miles and was serviced at 97k! :confuse:
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    How often did you change the Dexcool? Also, check the coolant reservoir; is the coolant a pinkish color or is there sludge in the reservoir? Good luck.
  • petecorypetecory Posts: 1
    And another issue with my Equinox, after horrible noises when turning and the dealership telling me they do not hear anything and i show it to them during a ride along and they tell me it is normal. TO now less than 100k miles and i have a spun bearing which I have to replace.

    I will never buy another Equinox and I am not sure i will even look at another chevy after the amount of problems I have read about with the equinox and nothing was ever done.
  • cbharr10cbharr10 Posts: 1
    Mine does the same thing. It stalls while driving, sometimes even on the freeway. The check engine light will come on and then go off by itself.
    At first I thought it was problems with my fuel injection because it would only do this when I had 1/2 tank of gas or less. But yesterday, it did it on a full tank of gas. Like the others, every time I bring it to the shop, the check engine light goes out and they can't find anything wrong. :sick:
  • sgvettesgvette Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    We bought our 2005 Equinox new. It now has 107,000 miles on it.

    I can honestly say Ive never been more satisfied with a new car purchase.

    We have multiple classic cars and use the E for all our running around. The "worst" mechanical issue Ive had was a worn out key that made turning the ignition difficult.

    Other than tires and brakes this car has been an absolute jewel of a functional vehicle. Absolutely love it. I would highly recommend someone buy a used E of similar model.
  • To begin we have had starting issues since a week after we got the car in 2010, the cd player goes bonkers at least a couple times a month I have also had to replace the starter and then about 6 months ago my wife had the car strand her on the road so I went and trailered it home and turned out to be a bad fuel pump. Then two weeks ago the car just died on her again only this time she was driving in bad traffic so again I trailered it home and have been doing some research and there is a lot of talk about pcm issues which from what I have read seem to be relatable to all of the problems I have had so I purchased a pcm and put it in and now the security light just flashes on the car sounds no different than it did before. I was hoping someone here could shed some light on my problems. Thanks
  • Bought a 2005 equinox new in 2005 with the extended warranty. After the first few months, a constant high pitched whining noise would start up at about 30 mph and would not stop until the car came to a complete stop. Unfortunately, the sound comes and goes, and there is no pattern to it’s occurrence so it took over 4 years before the dealer even heard the noise. At this point in time, the dealer has yet to figure out what it is even though it has been in the shop several times. Now, at 80,000 miles, the engine has locked up and needs to be replaced. I have also had the same lag/jerk in the transmission that I’m reading others are experiencing, but have not had to service it (yet). I’m torn between junking the whole car, or putting in a new engine and hope the transmission holds out, but I can’t afford a car payment.

  • My 05 Equinox that we just bought this summer just went to the shop. My wife on her way home from work last night ended up with a bad shake when she hit 45-50 mph. She pulled off the road and was stuck in a very bad neighborhood for an hour till I could get there. Now I find this site and see all the issues with this vehicle. I am amazed of how bad this vehicle was made. Don't have thousands of dollars for transmission. UGH!

  • ekeenan1ekeenan1 Posts: 1

    What a nightmare this month has been, I previously owned a 2010 honda crv and drove it with not a single issue for four years. I decided to go Chevy and support American made. Could not be more upset with my decision. I bought a 2005 equinox with 70,000 miles on it and I've owned it for 38 days. It's been problem after problem. I read reviews and thought people were just being crazy or that "every car has some issues",man was I stupid for not listening to these people. My truck has been over heating for 30 of the 38 days. I've changed the thermostat, flushed the system twice, cleaned the radiator. Now it's looking like head gaskets!!!!! What a joke. Every other car manufacturer builds a car that gets 100k with no problems but not Chevy no way!!!

    Does anyone know if there's any programs that Chevy is honoring repairs or anything?? Seems like a nightmare, if I can't get help I'm done with American made. Honda all day.

    I noticed Theres a GM rep responding but only to the small issues, why not the big problems people are having??

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