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Never again, GM, Equinox disaster!

I posted awhile back, I had a 2010 Equinox 2LT AWD V6 with navi, it was a well equipped Nox, and my wife fell in love with the red color and 2-tone interior. The reviews had all talked about how "sharp" the new Nox looked, and to my surprise, it drove MUCH better than our 2008 Toyota Highlander had (what a lumbering barge, reminiscent of OLD GM???). So we figured we would give it a try, we leased for 36 months. Within 6 months of taking delivery, we had problems with the airbag sensor, which supposedly was NOT just the light but the actual airbag system. Considering this serious, we took it in to the Oakland, CA dealership and they supposedly fixed it. After a few days, the sensor light was on again. Took it back, and they replaced something, but also said there may be problems with the power seat "pinching" the wires underneath it. (Sooo, fix it???) During the 3 years we had it, there was numerous electronic glitches, the navi would not automatically store previous destinations, and it the "destination" would default to Washington, D.C. (we live in California). Every time. The seat heaters would work intermittently. Fortunately (especially from what I've heard from other posters), we did not have a transmission or engine problem at all, the V6 worked flawlessly (though it has very little low end torque so it feels as though it's never going to start moving), and not a problem with the tranny. I guess the I-4 is the real problem when it comes to the drivetrain. We took the car in numerous times to the Marin County GM dealership, and they usually had to fix problems numerous times. In the end, the electronic glitches were NEVER fixed. The service adviser said he would contact GM and get back to us, but he never did. Anyway, we were about 100% OVER mileage on our lease, and we were going to turn it in at the same dealership we got it from hoping they would forgive some of the miles (Ally Financial) if we got into another Chevy or Cadillac (Traverse or SRX we were thinking), though we were dreading having the same problems AGAIN. On the next to last day of the lease, we drove through the auto mall on the way to the Chevy dealer and stopped into the Hyundai store. If they could help us get out of the $8,000+ mileage fee, we'd be happy. And, they DID. Granted, we did not get as big of a discount on the Santa Fe Limited that we were hoping, part of it went to pay for the depreciation because of the miles. So we were RID of the Nox, and are now betting on another Asian brand (the Santa Fe drives much better than the Highlander). You don't realize how important reliability is UNTIL YOU DON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE. Never again, GM, will I take a chance on any of your sub-par products. You hit a home run for this model run with good looks, snazzy backlighting, and features for less money, but in the end, $33,000 for a crappy GM product is about $10,000 more than it's worth. All we could keep thinking as we drove off the lot in our Santa Fe, looking at the sad red Nox getting ready to be herded to the junkyard (ok, so we were just hoping, but economics necessitates that it now be "unloaded" onto some other poor unsuspecting person), was that the powers that be at GM have no clue, a brand that once dominated the auto industry is but a sad, old, shell of a company that builds crappy products and is probably close to imploding as bloated pensions, overpaid and incompetent management, and overpaid union workers sink the ship. Why we bailed GM out is beyond me, but now after doing so, it's more evident to me and many people that it deserves to die a quick and painful death.


  • alamo3alamo3 Posts: 3

    I purchased my 2012 Equinox two years and 32566 miles ago. The gas mileage varies depending on how, when, and where I drive. Its overall mileage is 26.93 mpg based on total miles driven by gallons used. (over 19mpg urban; over 30mpg at 55mph) ECO Mode and manual shift are never used. It does not consume oil between the approximately 6,500 mile service intervals. The only warranty issue I have had was at 19,000 miles when the radio and backup camera stopped working. GM fixed the problem by reprogramming the radio with updated software. When it’s time to purchase my next new vehicle, I’m not sure what it will be. If the decision is based on my present Equinox’s ride, workmanship, and interior size, it will be another GM vehicle.

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