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Infiniti JX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I made the mistake of ignoring the reviews and leased this car. I'm already regretting it and counting the days for my 39 months lease to end. This car is terrible on gas mileage which was the big reason I got it for my wife who liked it. We get 14-15 miles city on premium gas which the car requires. highway is better but we do a lot of local driving. In addition, the car is so under powered that it struggles to accelerate under normal conditions without passengers or weight. The eco features uses more or as much gas as the standard mode so i don't even bother using it. The speaker phone only works for front driver and not the front passenger which is insane. There are 4 cameras in back and front bumper that pick up 45 degree angles but took away camers for direct front or back hit unless you buy the more expensive feature which is also terrible. I would tell anyone not to buy this car and if you don't believe me, just test drive and you will see there is no power in this car. our friend's cheaper mazda cx9 has more power than the infinity which should never happen.
  • snakiebite1000snakiebite1000 Posts: 11
    edited September 2013
    Completed the purchase of a fully loaded QX60 AWD 2014 Black on Java. Wife picked the car over the MDX due to the lower price, moonroof over the 2nd/3rd row, roomieness, and all the tech gadgets. It was not purchased for the fuel economy, handling, power, etc... that I was hoping for.

    MSRP: $57,620
    Invoice: $52,873
    Paid: $53,500

    My wife and I thought we could get closer to $53,000, but the dealer constantly said he can't do $53,000, so we ended with $53,500.

    Trade-In invovlved on a Audi Q5 2011. So who the heck knows if the deal was good. Always hard to factor that in.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    Sorry for your mistake. I looked at JX in Nov/Dec 2012 and gave my opinions on this site. No pickup and poor handling. I like the design and the interior is very nice. I am not a big fan of the CVT transmission, which Nissan has had problems with on the pathfinder, murano, and even other models. On the bright side remember this is a lease and can be returned. If you bought this vehicle, you would take a bath trying to sell it. You never know in the future Nissan may come out with a computer update to help with acceleration.
  • Thank you mlevine and i remember your warnings. My wife insisted on buying this car and it wasn't worth arguing. I didn't even bother to test drive it as I'm sure i would have rejected the car on the spot as you did. Anyway, good news is that Wife still likes the car even as the rest of the family (kids included) do not. Happy wife, happy life. I still drive my bmw which drives great. Good luck everyone.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    As long as your wife likes the JX and is comfortable with the ride, that is the key. If you are not using 93 octane gas(premium unleaded), then try this on the next fill up and see if this helps with pickup.
  • im looking at a 2013 JX35 demo that has 3500 miles on it. i am in texas so ttl is higher

    MSRP is $52,280
    sale price is $47,900
    res is $28,400

    deal offered is $1000 total down (including ttl) 39 months at $615/mo with 12k/year miles

    has: premium pkg, drivers assistance pkg, theater, illuminated kick plates, roof rails, splash guards, and rear bumper guard.

    is this a good deal?

  • We've had our AWD JX since June of last year. Now have 25,XXX miles on it with overall average of 21.8 mpg. Miles have been both highway and city, but I'd estimate about 70% highway. In pure highway driving we've just touched 25 mpg, but it was a flat trip.

    We never use the ECO setting, as it just makes the car feel dull. Lots of time in standard mode, but a lot in Sport as well.

    Don't know why yours is so low. Is it all city, or are your shoes lead-lined? If not, you may have something the dealer should look at. Good luck!
  • I just leased a QX60 with premium package and roof rails. I put no money down and just paid the taxes up front. I initially agreed on a price of 517 a month. Gave them $1,000 deposit. 3 1/2 weeks later when I went to pick up the car they said I was a tier III credit so they increased my payment up to $570 a month. I could not believe they never called me and advised me. This is some shady business. I have been buying or leasing cars from 20 plus years from Fords to BMWs and never had this happen to me. I loved the salesman Lamont at Infiniti of Massapequa, but watch your wallet; the FI guy might pick your pocket on the way out. We agreed to meet half way, but had I not liked the car a lot, I definitely would have walked and definitely will advise everyone I know looking to go there of this shady practice they did. Very shocked at a high end car dealer like this to have had this happen. I feel like I just bought from a used car lot.
  • Anyone know what interest rate infiniti financial is giving out currently for well qualified buyers?
  • We bought 2013 Jx last saturday and the finance rate with Infiniti is 2.99% with 63 months term.
  • I am debating between the 2014 MDX and 2014 QX60. Anybody have any recent prices paid experiences to share?
  • I was just wondering if there may be deals to be had on the JX35 since the 2014 model has been re-named QX60. Has anyone seen dealers willing to offer a significant discount on their JX35 inventory, which may be less desirable now than the current 2014 branded model?

  • Leased for 633...I think MSRP was 58,000...Fully loaded... Put 2500 OOP total...12k/39 month...14 QX60 AWD

  • Just completed a deal on Qx60 hybrid fwd. Premium/ theater/ rails/bars/maple/splash/bumper/kick plates. Msrp 54195. ---> 48100 + TTL. Financed a third thru IFS to obtain addl. $750 incentive , terms were 36 mo @ 1.9%. Worked with Mitch @ Sewell Fort Worth. Very positive experience, no BS.

  • Smoking deals at for the QX60 right now. Much better than the MDX which is the other car I am considering. 10% no problem. One dealer went 12.5% off MSRP after a couple of emails. That's on a 2014.

  • just completed the deal today after 6 hours 2014 qx60 hybrid fwd hev premium/splash/bumper/kickplates msrp 51,305 -> 44500 + TTL financed through IFS 60month @ 1.9% at grubbs infiniti ( crest infiniti did offer the same package but did not have the colors we wanted) we really wanted white/java but only found white/graphite

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