my speedo doesnt work and it doesnt want to shift

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so I got a 03 impala at an auto auction. I wasn't allowed to drive it but I could see that there was minor front end damage I got in and the speedo didn't work and when trying to drive it it was slow to get up to speed I had to press the gas in most of the way to get it to gain. However when its at a stop it will go fine but it wont leave first. now if I press the pedal and keep it revved it will drive at normal speed. I tried to manually shift it from first to second and so on and still the same thing i was thinking it was the speed sensor since they replaced the passenger fender so maybe it was damaged but it shouldn't effect the the gears please give me advice


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    Most of the time it is a sensor that goes out or if the vehicle has been in a crash it could be a cut/pinched wire. Before buying a sensor I would take the time to trace the wires (any that you can begining with the sensor) checking for connections, corrosion or cuts. Electrical cleaner and grease the connections you encounter and if no wires are damaged maybe consider the sensor. Good luck!

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