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Nissan Rogue Fog Lights

lak6lak6 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Nissan
I had the strangest thing occur on my brand new 2012 Rogue. The fog light on the drivers side of the vehicle somehow blew out and the remaining cracked glass looks like it blew out from the inside out. My car was not in an accident nor does it appear that a flying stone may have done the damage. I've asked the dealer to replace under the warrantee, and at first they agreed, then reneged. I've filed a complaint with the Nissan Customer Service Office, which is being investigated right now-no resolution yet.

The car is dealer serviced and they are insisting the damage occurred from a rock, but it's very hard to imagine given the location of the light and the way it sits inside the bumper; plus the remaining cracked glass is pointing outward. Has anyone out there experienced anything remotely similar?


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