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Toyota Prius c Car Review

vincent20vincent20 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Toyota

**I have had my fully loaded Toyota Prius c for about 2 years now. I bought it for three reasons. I wanted a Prius but did not want a family sized car since I do not have a family. This car was the right size. I also wanted a car with the best milage. I live in a Condo so a plug-in car was not an option. For a few years i have been interested in Hybrids. This car got the best milage. Getting the level 4 car was a good move. I enjoy the additional features. Here is the good and bad. First the good. Best looking of the Priuses. Great to park. I find the acceleration fine. I did not buy it to win the Indianapolis 500. I bought it for great fuel economy. I do not have any problem with cabin noise but if you leave the windows open you will hear more noise. Very good braking and air conditioning works very well. Comfortable to sit in. Better visibility out the back than a regular Prius if you remove the back head rests, which I have done. Good cargo area when seats are folded down. Good lighting system.
Now the bad. Really only three things stick out. Ride quality is harsh. Over a bumpy road, you will feel the bumps. Not good in deep snow. There is a big chance you will get stuck. I did once. But was in a parking lot and someone pushed me out.
Hey. No car is perfect. Price. Mine was a bit expensive and I expected a better ride quality. The reliability is great, low cost for maintanence and it does what I bought it to do. Give great milage be reliable and have very low cost to maintain. It does all of this. So I am happy with my purchase since it does what I bought it for but you have to decide. **


  • steverstever Posts: 52,462

    Thanks for the review. Yours is a 2012?

  • mahoutrealmahoutreal north carolinaPosts: 2

    Tires matter in snow: I have no problem with snows up to 12"
    Prissy weighs 2500 lb and is small; ride is good for that class. Good smooth ride requires weight.

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