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Volvo XC90 vs MB M Class vs Acura MDX vs Lexus RX 350 vs BMW X5 vs Cadillac SRX



  • I would put money on it that the maintainence costs for the Volvo would be significantly higher than the other two. On the plus side, the first 50k is covered by Volvo, something that Lexus and Acura do not offer without promotion... yet. So in the end it may balance out equally, but I believe that Volvo amintainence costs are some of the highest in the industry.

    For the record, our 15k service is about $250.00 while the 30k is about $450.00. We've had no other issues to speak of other than maintainence on the vehicle in 56k miles. My father had an '01 that he put something like 135k on. Only out of warranty maintainence was the 105k timing belt and W.P. which was something like 3 grand :surprise:. Not out of the ordinary, but still a big chunk of coin...

    Still, that was THE ONLY thing that went wrong over the time he had it. :D
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    We have an 05 2.5T AWD. The turbo engine is quite loud compared to other vehicles I've owned. It's partially the turbo whine and partially the unique noise made by a 5-cylinder engine. I feel it's a bit underpowered, but that's a personal opinion. The vehicle has good sound insulation overall. Handling is pretty good for a tall and heavy vehicle. Brakes are good. Steering is a bit vague and not speed sensitive. Gas mileage wise, I average 16mpg in local driving and 22-23mpg on highways. Hope this helps. Drive both models and decide whether the V-8 is worth the extra cost.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Currently own an 04explorer xls. Paid 25 grand for it new. Its only worth 13grand and has 15000 miles. Heres the problem, past the warranty and many many problems mainly no 3rd row for the ocassional child seat and her mother. Transmission is almost out and not worth replacing because of its bland interior and $75 to fill tank every 5-8 days.

    Deciding on an 06 explorer xlt, 04 mdx with navi, and xc90. Tried the 06 explorer. its ok but i figure no right off th dealer new, maybe wait a year. The o4 mdx because of the up dated navi and restyled front and rear(i dig the new tail lamps), the performance for my needs and extra storage. Finally the xc90 because of the flair power and looks. I cant decide between the t6,t5, or v8. Did i mention fuel economy is best in the mdx? The explorer is off the list for the mediocre warranty. I prefer new but being 38grand+ vehicles,used is ok 4 me. I count highway miles moreso city because its a 45mile drive to work and almost 50 to the enearest volvo dealer

    Does anyone have any suggestions, i don't want another :lemon:
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Please explain how with 15,000 miles and two years you are out of warranty.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    its a 45mile drive to work

    Even if that is round trip and, say, 2/3 of your total miles then that would amount to over 16,000 miles per year so I take it your 15,000 mile figure is a typo.

    tidester, host
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    sorry, the 15,000 miles was a biggggggggggg mistake. I have 45,000 miles on a 36,000 mile warranty. Btw, miles are high because of a new job, 2 road trips to orlando, fl from south miami, and frequent long distance runs to wal*mart in fla. city :blush:
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    If reliability and gas mileage are your major concerns, get the Acura. The engine has good power and the car comes loaded with pretty much every feature you need.

    I have the XC90 2.5T, which I find underpowered. And it drinks quite a bit of gas, too. I've seen quite a few problem reports in these forums about the T6 and the V8 models, but very few on the 2.5T. Also, once out of warranty, a Volvo will certainly cost more to fix than a Honda/Acura.

    Don't get me wrong. I like my Volvo! I chose it over the MDX for its safety features, better brakes and handling, and better looks (personal taste).
  • Hi All,
    I hope this post is OK, I am looking at some of the models listed, but not all due to my desire for more seating. And I therefore included a couple luxury things not on the list that do seat 7.

    I am new to the board and shopping for a larger vehicle. Current vehicle is 98 Maxima SE Manual Transmission with toys. Need a vehicle that can handle 2 car seats, a Basset hound and stuff easily, 3 car seats occasionally, possibly regularly(future car pools), and handle ski trips. I like toys like the nav systems, blue tooth phone link, back up camera, etc.

    I do not like to deal with car repairs and if I buy a nice new luxury SUV, I don't want to bring it in all the time.

    I like to drive. The way the vehicle drives is very important to me, that is why I am mostly considering SUVS and not minivans, I can't stand the way the nicest van (Odyssey IMO) drives.

    Here are my thoughts so far:
    Acura MDX - like the exterior styling, nice enough ride, great nav system/toys, kinda small interior, hard to access 3rd row, but seems OK. From the little reading I have done, it seems Acura maintenance is not as carefree as I would have expected. They are at or near the bottom of JD Power list for 2005. I also don't like the dealer location where I visited, need to visit the other local dealer. Fold down 3rd row nice and flat.

    Infiniti QX56 - larger than Acura, but more useful 3rd row when needed, a bit more truck like ride, but really not bad, good toys. OK exterior, not as nice interior as some. Have also heard they have had all kinds of problems with this car, the electronics that I like so much being part of the problems. Haven't heard a lot of other specific problems, hard to ascertain what to make of it. Nice infiniti dealer in the area.

    Volvo XC90 - nice inside and out, nicer than I expected, cool middle part of second row seat, hard to explain, but it slides up. Don't remember if it folded down separately for better rear seat access, but want to say it did. Good crash/safety. Good fold down seats. Dealer told me to get an after market nav system, back up assist therefore not camera, but a buzzer. No blue tooth. Drove surprisingly nicely. Liked the local dealership.

    Lexus GX470 - Was surprised salesman tried to put me toward this so much above the LX470. I asked for him because a friend has bought cars from him and liked him. GX he showed me had 3 third row seats that faced each other, didn't look like any latch option for either. HUH? This was very odd. LX looked like it at least had a real 3rd row, but access didn't look any better/worse than the Acura. Love the Lexus interior luxury feel, hate the disconnected way they drive. I like the idea of all the safety features, but it compromises the drive feel I think. Wonder if I would hate the bigger LX even more. The GX seats didn't really totally fold away and he said most people leave them in their garage for occasional use. This doesn't really do it for me. Very nice local dealership though.

    Not driven - Mercedes ML500 with 7 seats, looks really really tight back there with 3rd row up. Kind of afraid of Mercedes maintenance record. Don't find their kind of luxury to suit my tastes as much. Drove a Merc sedan around LA for a week comparable to ones my hubby was test driving and was not impressed (BMW 3 series and whatever the comparable Merc was).

    Land Rover - also large, but 3rd row very close to back and not great on the one vehicle that had it. Heard these are really best when you do a lot of off roading.

    Anything American. On my list to go try them, just haven't done it yet.

    The biggest thing I am unsure of how to judge is the maintenance/repairs/resale on these vehicles. I probably liked the MDX and XC90 best, but Lexus seems to have the best reliability. The Infiniti might be the most useful of the bunch, but is also a little larger, which may be more difficult getting around shopping and such.

    Any thoughts about what else to look at and experiences with these vehicles would be helpful.

  • Well, if our favorite Volvo dealer had, in stock, a white FWD w/Premium only--we would be driving it. Didn't know how difficult it would be to find a 5 pass vs 7(about a $2k bump).
    Closest one was in So Fla.
    NOW, DW and I are more interested in the RX 330 and are having trouble sticking to our Volvo guns(three Volvos in a row and a total of five over the years). For almost the same money, the RX feels more refined, appears to get better mileage on reg gas, 7-800 lbs lighter and feels it, just the tiniest reduction in cargo capacity but with easier access to rear area, XM readily available...what to do? Local Lex dealer (Nalley--same family as our Volvo dealer) has just what we want--FWD, white, Premium pkg--on the lot. We are trading our '02 V70 loaded, 44K miles and last week(w/free Premium from Volvo) dealer offered $35.5 but with only $15k for our trade. If Lexus comes close, we may pull the trigger unless SOMEONE can shed some light on our puzzlement. What to do--what to do??? :confuse:
  • 10scoachrick -

    Just to put in my $0.02; I have never owned either a Lex or Volvo - I drive a 2002 ML 320 so technically I won't be of much help to you (my wife prefer the personality of MB vehicles and whatever class society has attached to know how that goes).

    If you are just purely looking for opinions/validations on whether to choose a Lex or Volvo, then I probably would be leaning more towards the Lex. I test drove one when I was in the market looking to purchase a vehicle and I really liked the handling, styling and the gas mileage numbers; on the other hand, the XC90 is a great SUV and if you are going to shed quite a small fortune on an automobile you should get what you really want so you won't be second-quessing yourself if you saw the other vehicle you almost bought on the road.....

    Good luck.....
  • Of the vehicles you mentioned, I would go with the MDX. I am a little surprised about the reliability comment on the Acura. Another source (Consumer Reports) has the owner's index for reliability as excellent. Safety, The MDX and the Volvo have the best crash test scores. The MDX's 3rd seat roomier than the Volvo. As you noted , the Lexus and the Infiniti are truck based, and the Infiniti has not had great reliability ratings plus the dealers are limited. The Lexus and the Volvo will also run more than the MDX when the equipment is the same.
  • Will pick up our new RX330 today--white, premium, 6 CD, 18" wheels,towing prep pkg, rain-sensing wipers, cargo mat, wheel locks for $36,700 plus taxes at Nalley Lexus in Atlanta(Smyrna)--beautiful dealership! I've posted on another thread but I'll ask again--Is dealer install of XM the way to go??? $695 includes a tuner gizmo installed in the sunglass holder or low on console--unit is controlled by remote--haven't seen antenna placement. DW would prefer not to plug in the Roadie from the other vehicle but seven hundred bucks is seven hundred bucks! Any thoughts?

    It was tough leaving the Volvo on the floor but the extra 700+ lbs and slightly lower HP of the XC90(not to mention the difficulty of finding a white 5 seater) pushed us to the RX. A FWD XC 90 with V8 and no third row would have been the ultimate--alas, no such animal! Still have a C70 convertible to maintain the Volvo karma in the household!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I had a XM "Commander" receiver installed in our 911. Total cost was under $300 parts and labor by an independent installer that my Porsche Dealer recommended. The tuner was installed in an opening in the lower portion of the center console and can be controlled by remote from the rear seat or directly by me. The antenna was run from the rear through the dash and up the A piller. Completely invisible and a real professional job by the installer. The commander is an FM based XM (goes through 88.7 on my dial) so the sound is not quite as good as the factory installed XM on our TL or MDX.

    On the decision regarding the RX330 vs. XC90 V8. Not sure why you wouldn't have taken an AWD, standard 7-seat XC90 V8 given that it is substantially more powerful than the RX330 and more than makes up for the added weight? Friends of ours (no kids) bought an RX400h and they are already complaining that it is too small to take another couple and weekend luggage to their lake house.
  • hab, thanks for the 'Commander' info. I'm back to the dealer Monday with final paperwork,etc. and hope to get a look at one of their XM installs. Meanwhile, I'll check with local aftermarket folks as well.

    RE: the RX vs XC, here in Atlanta we might use AWD a couple of days a year and couldn't see paying for the extra weight and mechanicals even with the V8 fun. We almost qualify for the tax writeoff on the 6K# gvw that the V8 sneaks into but I don't want to tempt the IRS gods(not that about 80% of those buying the big SUVs and taking the tax cred SHOULDN'T--but that's another story). Also, the V8 requires third row and the very nifty articulating mid-row system and disappearing third row eliminates a fair bit of storage. Most of our cargo is of the bicycle, Home Depot and Scottish Terrier varieties--not so much of the four pass plus cargo. Additionally, even with the deals I've heard of on V8s, we would have been out another 6-8 grand...hard to get comfy in this $40k plus auto range. We had a Tribute for 3+ years and found the capacity just about right for us(albeit at $10k LESS). Cheers!
  • Bought it for $41K in late late Dec 05 - was stickered around $50k and some change, with the tacky chromed rims.
    The wife loves it, as it is easy to reach in to strap the kids into their seats, but to me it is just like her 2002 BMW330ic drop-top,... every time I drive either one of them, I can't help but feel like I am driving (no offense)a "chick car". It just doesn't feel like my 2000 Landcruiser. and so it goes.....
  • Been scouting around looking for one - with two kids in car seats and two dogs, I am trying to get a good quality cover to go on top of the leather seats - thanks in advance for any suggestions
  • What packages do you have on it, i.e. touring w/ alloy wheels, rear dvd player, nav., etc. Thanks.
  • whowhomewhowhome Posts: 1
    Just curious, where you brought your V8 from? 41K seems to be a great price. Edmunds TMV is ~ 43K.
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings but, is anyone else considering the new Lincoln MKX due this fall? It's a five-seater with heated/cooled front seats, heated rear seats, hid xenon headlights, huge moonroof and real wood. Looks like a Lexus competitor to me.

  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    The MKX does look like an attractive alternative to an RX350, but only at a significantly lower price. The RX350 has more power and a lot less weight, among other advantages.
  • I'm thinking of buying a new 2006 XC90 but am wondering if anyone knows what the changes will be for 2007. Do you think it's better to get the 2006 now or wait for the 2007?
  • arvin1arvin1 Posts: 9
    I would go with the mercedes, but i heard it has some problems,but in 2007 bmw x5 will come with 3 rows of seats..
  • magpmagp Posts: 2
    My husband and I (yes, I'm a woman) are in the market for an SUV. We have 3 pre-teen (bigger than me) children and a labrador retriever. After driving a minivan for years I cannot compromise on size. My husband on the other hand wants luxury because he drives a GMC pickup all day (which is very luxurious with all the options, if you ask me). I suppose it should be the other way around.... however....We have checked out the Volvo XC90 and the Cadillac SRX. He is stuck on the SRX and I don't want either because those 2 third row seats in the back are useless unless you have infants or toddlers...even then can you imagine the struggle to get back there to buckle them up. No way am I buying either of these vehicles. Any advise on a compromise would be greatly appreciated. I bet the new 2007 BMW 3rd row will be exactly the same. BTW.....he doesn't want another "truck" such as a Yukon,Tahoe, Escalade which I would be happy with.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Realistically, a minivan is going to provide sme of the best roominess than an SUV.

    However, maybe a compromise would be an SUV with a wide second row to comfortably hold your three children, leaving the cargo area for your retriever? If you can put all three kids in the second row, do you really need a third row?

    If that arrangement would work, most mid-sized SUV's would work unless your children can't comfortably fit into the second row. Of the vehicles in this thread, the MDX may have the widest second row (along with a very large cargo area).
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Since you already have a GM product check out the new Buick Enclave and its other GM relations that are due out soon. They are supposed to have lots of room and use it effeciently. There is at least one discussion here at Edmunds following them. There is also the Ford Edge due out soon but I think that is going to be smaller. If you really have some money the Audi Q7 is out and it is also quite large I hear.
  • ecloueclou Posts: 17
    If you want luxury and space, but not a strict minivan, you might consider the Mercedes R-class. Not real easy on the eyes, but the space and finish are excellent. You can also get excellent deals on them, as they are heavily discounted up to $10k.
  • magpmagp Posts: 2
    Thanks to all for your advise. I will check these ones out next week.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    I've been in the market for an SUV / family vehicle.

    I don't want a minivan... I don't need *that* much space.

    i live in so AWD is not a necessity. I have two small kids, 1 yr and 5 yrs. so thrid row seats would come in handy with family get togethers - caravaning places..but it wouldn't be a feature we'd really need/use it's not a priority.

    i originally was looking at the XC90..i own two other volvos and like them. i rode in a friends RX330..and lked i was looking at the new model.. the RX350...

    the RX350 has 270 hp...weight less than an it seems like power/weight it wouldb e on par with the Volvo V8. the Volvo 3.2 is much less powerful..220hp i think...which would make it a slug compared to the lexus.

    power is only one small part of the equation.

    living with the cars on a daily basis would be key. gettin into and out of them, storage capacity, etc.

    is there any real differencein safety? i know volvo is known for being safe, but is the RX350 really any less safe than an XC??? both are raised up, heavy..etc...

    for any of you who cross shopped the XC90 (either the 3.2 or V8) and the Lexus RX line...let me know what it was that swayed you one way or the other.

    i'm looking to lease. volvo usually does 2 year leases..sweet spot for them. Lexus it is better to do 3 yrs.

    i could probaby get a nicely equipped 3.2 Volvo for about the same as an RX350...the volvo might be a tad cheaper...if i want a V8 volvo that will cost me a bit more than the RX350... the RX is sort of in the middle price wise... a bit more than the 3.2 but a bit less than the V8.

    if i got the volvo..i'd want the V8...but i don't need AWD...

    my big question is aside from specs...what are the ups/downs to each of these vehicles...
    any of you
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,181
    as far as i know, the volvo is the only SUV on the list which has rollover-stability-control. this might be a factor
    in some buying decisions.
    for me, that was a huge safety difference. volvo let me try to roll over one of their xc90s during driver training. i tried it, up to about 50 mph & couldn't come close to inducing rollover - the vehicle is idiot-proof in that regard.
  • susanw6susanw6 Posts: 32
    I have checked out almost all the mid size luxury SUVs with 3rd row recently. My hubby is very tall and finds most cars with consoles to be uncomfortable so we had to do a lot of looking for one with more leg room. Here's my 2 cents worth on the best contenders...

    I love the Volvo-size, looks, inside, etc. The gas pedal is strangely over to the right side and your leg practically rests up against the console. No good.

    We checked out the Audi Q7 - Too big, can't see over the 3rd row headrests (and they don't adjust down), and not enough leg room for the hubby.

    We both like the Acura MDX and Cadillac SRX, but I'm leaning more toward the Cadillac. I wish the Cadillac came standard with blue tooth like the MDX, but the automatic liftgate the SRX has is a big plus. Also, the real wood and luxury interior beat out the faux stuff in the MDX. The Cadillac also has adjustable foot pedals, which the MDX does not. For similarly priced vehicles, the Cadillac leases better - maybe $100/month less!

    Check it out. Its really nice!
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