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Lincoln will expand the number of nameplates it offers later this decade as part of an effort to become a full-line luxury brand, Edmunds has learned. All Ford vehicle platforms are being considered to develop additional Lincoln vehicles, including the new rear-drive 2015 Ford Mustang platform.

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  • kokomojoekokomojoe Member Posts: 150

    Lincoln has fallen out of the luxury car business a while a go. Everything they build is a re-badged Ford with not much more than a face lift.
    The real luxury cars on the market are rear wheel drive and V8 powered Lincoln has neither. Ford has giving the domestic market to Cadillac and the police interceptor market to Dodge and losing car sales because the Euro style does not go over well in the USA unless it's luxury

  • jasarmourjasarmour Member Posts: 1

    People are pretty dumb generally, but it's not a good idea to depend on it as a product strategy. Lincoln is just Mercury 2.0. It's not exactly lipstick on a pig because the Fords are good, but that's kind of the problem. There's just no value in the Lincoln 'upgrade'.

  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165

    Might consider a few of them if they were priced like a Buick (Mercury). Just don't see them as worth lux prices. They are more like mid priced cars of old, so most of them seem to be sticker priced $10K or more over their real value for me at least.

    As for the police market, seems like I see a police version Explorer for every two or three consumer owned Explorer's out there. Wonder if that will impact residuals down the road?

  • lions208487lions208487 Member Posts: 240

    Ford should develop an all new chassis for the MKZ and tune it for more precise sport handling, much like Nissan did with Infiniti back in 2003 when the G35 came to market. In addition, keep the hybrid, and use the 2.3 liter with the same 305 HP 300 lbs ft as the Mustang as the top end MKZ model, or revise the 3.7 liter to at least match an S60 Polestar output, also an 8 or 9 spd auto. A speculated Mustang based Lincoln coupe would be perfect.

    Lincoln needs to think more Mercedes, BMW, and Audi as their target and not the ES350. A true flagship would definitely help market the brand to buyers that want premium luxury, that is what Lincoln did back in the 50's and 60's, and Ford should get back to that. I don't like the MKZ, but at least the exterior is unique, the only problem is the Fusion looks better.

  • mrrytemrryte Member Posts: 28

    "Edmunds says: Lincoln appears ready to give car buyers a product bonanza."

    .....of rebadged Fords.

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