2015 BMW Z4 Starts at $49,900 | Edmunds.com

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image2015 BMW Z4 Starts at $49,900 | Edmunds.com

The 2015 BMW Z4 roadster starts at $49,900, including a $950 destination charge, reflecting just a $25 price increase over the 2014 model.

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  • tatermctatumstatermctatums Member Posts: 107

    Not that I have any intention of buying a Z4, especially in the foreseeable future, but why is BMW dropping the manual option? The selection of cars available with manual transmissions is slim enough as it is. I refuse to buy a car that doesn't have a third pedal but maybe the people who are buying these don't truly care.

  • nuievenuieve Member Posts: 43

    Because nobody needs manuals these days. At least not those who actually have money to buy one.

  • themandarinthemandarin Member Posts: 436

    Another reason to buy the Boxster

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