1996 Geo Prizm, Toyota Corolla. Having problems with fuel system.

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I have a 1996 geo prizm (toyota corrolla) came out one day to start and car would turn over and not start. care had spark and no fuel to engine.. replaced fuel pump and car started right up again. next morning turned over and would not start. replaced fuel filter and car started and up and ran even better. 3rd day went out and nothing again. turns over but will not start. What is going on with this fuel system. can't find the valve to check fuel pressure on rail. could it be a pad fuel pressure regulator? need some tips to get this thing running again


  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Member Posts: 2,207

    bad fuel pressure regulator sensor would fit the symptoms, yes. other possibly-related questions are: is proper/positive pressure being maintained inside the fuel tank? does symptom change depending on whether fuel tank is full vs. half-full? does the problem clear after you briefly remove fuel cap to allow pressure to equalize, while hearing the expected/proper whooshing sound as air/fuel/vapor is pushed out of the tank? and... what about the fuel line itself - could there be corrosion/clog within the fuel line.

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