2002 Dodge Dakota overheats temp gauge at normal level

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When driving my 4.7L Dakota my temp gauge is in normal range, but after parking it my cooling system is bubbling and after checking my level I am low on antifreeze. It was occasional after I replaced my upper hose with radiator cap being part of my hose, now I cannot go to work and back. I have had my radiator flushed not to long ago. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.


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    seems likely that the cause is air bubbles in the cooling system - this could result after radiator flush. re-flush/re-bleed cooling system so there is for-sure no air in there. if that doesn't help, the next things to consider are: thermostat (test it by running the heat in the cabin as engine heats up), water-pump (look for drips), engine gaskets (look for evidence of foamy or milk-chocolate-looking oil on dipstick or crankcase.)

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    Thx for your response. After reading other comments here from previous problems I ran truck with radiator cap off and then with heater on, didn't really see bubbles but some water flowed out from cap. Did a test drive, all seems to be OK (haven't drove long distance yet). Will do that today.
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