First time buyer - mileage and maintenance question. VW Jetta SportWagen.

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I'm a first time car buyer and I'm very interested in the Sportwagen TDI for its mileage and its cargo capacity. However, a new TDI is out of my budget, so I'm looking at used (CPO) cars. I've found a few good cars within my budget with one previous owner, but I was wondering how quickly maintenance costs can add up on this car as mileage increases.

I found a few good options at around 30k, and a few around 50k. I guess what my question comes down to is if I get one of these cars, what kind of maintenance costs could I expect and in how long/how often?



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    Your TDI Sportwagen interest is easy to understand: they have much going for them. Fuel efficiency for one: says my average for 15,500 miles is 44.5 MPG. I've had zero problems to date (but I also have the two warranty backups: 3/36000 basic; 5/60,000 power train.

    These cars are getting better (Just look at what CR says about my 2013 JSW TDI 6M).

    But I would not be a used one. You need that warranty.

    all the best from our left coast

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    The first big cost that isn't covered under new maintenance is the big 40K service, which ranges from 400 for a manual TDI to over 600 for a DSG automatic.

    When you look at cost differential between the new and CPO'd, it isnt much. I would look at dealers that have multiple versions of the same JSW TDI, for example my dealer had 6 of the 14 JSW TDI no sunroof no nav in silver, so they were eager to move them and i get 4K off of MSRP.

    Not sure if the CPO covers the maintenance costs, i dont think it does after the 3/36 mark, but if you buy CPO buy a lower mileage one
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