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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon 4x4/Transfer Case



  • You guys have to be stopped and in neutral before you can put it in 4 low.
    Also, try not to ever 4x4 on the fly it wears some part down rather quickly..
    Last, these trucks, most of them, have automatic locking differentials, which means you probably don't even need to use 4x4.. hi or low... And 4x4 low is low gear... meaning for towing something under 30 km/h...
    These trucks also have transfer case issues and should of had been recalled.. Every single one of them has a clip inside that wears a hole in the csae which results in leaking fluid out and burning out the gears... Don't Think I will buy gm every again..

  • I have a 2007 chevrolet colorado  when I select  4hi the light just flashes and when I select 4wd  lo the light just flashes for a little bit then goes back to 2hi 
  • Dan1983Dan1983 VermontPosts: 1
    I bought a 2004 Canyon, on my drive home from the dealership, I put it into 4x4 hi because it was a little icy and rainy. after a few miles, I pulled into a parking lot and as I was maneuvering to park, it felt as if it had the parking break on, wheels jerked a little and soon after the check-engine light came on. WTF is wrong with it? I drove the rest of the way in 2wd and it felt just fine but the check-engine light is still on. Tomorrow morning I'll be calling my mechanic and the dealership I bought it from.
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