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Lexus RX 300



  • mooretorquemooretorque Posts: 241 rain in beautiful, flat Texas??? Probably the thing that I enjoy most about my wife's 99 AWD is the incredible stability on wet streets by AWD (another way of saying that Audi's quattro is a great idea, and Subaru evidently knows the same thing) SC300 5 speed (no TRAC available then on the manual) always felt like the [non-permissible content removed] end wanted to come ask the front what it was doing......the RX felt like it was on rails, even on the original Badyears!! The SC is now replaced with the '01 GS430 with 17" Potenzas and VSC. The RX still feels better in the rain, tho now on Michelin CrossTerrains.

    mikey00, heated seats are standard, therefore every RX in Texas has bunwarmers, just as does every one of North Dakota. I agree that you can't compare prices and deals between regions (or even one state to the next) but it ain't so much because of equipment differences.

    bird38 speaks wisdom in nutshell.

    So let it be written, so let it be done!
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 141
    Unless they've changed since I got my '01 RX in October, heated seats are not standard. I got the premium package plus and had to pay extra for heated seats outside of the package. Also had to have them bring in a different RX because the only ones they had (in black) did not have the heated seats. This is in Dayton OH.
  • spakcharspakchar Posts: 37
    My temp reading has been as high as 120, no I'm not bragging. One little jewel about temperature you get in weather reports etc., it comes from a shaded thermometer! The temperature out in the sun might be 10 or 15 degrees warmer.
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    I was getting the front brake pads replaced on my wife's 98 Buick Regal, and the service manager recommended replacing the whole volume of brake fluid by emtying the master cylinder, and bleeding all four wheels. He says it should be done every two years if you intend to keep the car to remove moisture which may cause problems with the ABS system down the road. I okayed the service, and did notice a much firmer brake pedal when I got the car back. Hope this helps.
  • mooretorquemooretorque Posts: 241
    quite bad. no more crack for me!!!
  • jfetterjfetter Posts: 29
    You know, I never even checked the harness because I don't have a trailer to tow. I only wired the harness now to be ready for the jet boat I hope to get in a year or so. I will get out the meter tonight and check the voltages, I'll post back here as soon as I check it out...



    "Here's my problem. After installing the wiring harness and plugging in the 20amp fuse, I still don't have power to the harness! The only thing I didn't do was disconnect the neg. battery terminal before starting as I thought that this was simply precautionary. I've got power at the fuse panel and the fuse meters out okay, but still no 12V at the harness with the engine running and the lights turned on. The negative pin on the harness shows a dead short to the frame (a good thing), but I can't get 12V on either of the 3 remaining pins with the park lights on."
  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    This just goes to show what one gets when cheaping out a little money on an aftermarket hitch when purchasing a vehicle costing around $40k.

    My dealer warned me that the wiring harness would be the cause of concern if I went with an aftermarket harness.

    This more or less proves that he was right. Potentially shorting out the electrical system in a new RX is NOT worth a few hundred dollars to me.

  • ravlravl Posts: 129
    What I'm seeing in the SoCal market on Silversports is if it's equipped with Nav, it is also equipped with HID headlamps and heated seats.
    I'm hoping to find a Nav without these two options, but don't think I will.
  • drivindrivin Posts: 10
    FYI - had the Lexus specialist listen in on the noise. He said it's due to the VSC turning on. So for those concern about the thump noise it's normal. Back to enjoying the ride...
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    "if it's equipped with Nav, it is also equipped with HID headlamps and heated seats.
    I'm hoping to find a Nav without these two options, but don't think I will. "

    C'mon folks, this is basic stuff. Check the Lexus website, or RX300 sales brochure, Edmunds, etc. Part of the Navigation package is HID, and heated seats can only be ordered with an option package, hence their inclusion by default many times.

    Bottom line: Go to, click build your own, type in your zip code. If you can't build a certain configuration on the web site, then more than likely you'll have a hard time finding that particular configuration at your local dealer. If one desires a "non-popular/custom" configuration, then you have to get your order in sometime at the beginning of the model year. It's the end of the model year now, shipments have already been allocated.
  • jfetterjfetter Posts: 29
    Outrun -

    If you read the thread carefully you will see some folks adding the after market hitch not because it is cheaper but because it looks nicer than the Lexus OEM hitch. Also, in my case, the hitch was NOT on the vehicle I purchased and was told Lexus will not add it after the fact, it must be done at the port. This, along with the fact that the Lexus hitch is kinda' cheap looking and insubstantial for the estimated $500 - $700 fee installed seems to make an after market option very attractive, not solely based on price.

    I have no issue paying for the options I want but Lexus seems to have changed the policy regarding adding a hitch after purchase with the '01 model RX. One dealer says they are not allowed to install the Lexus hitch and suggests after market while another quotes a quite high $700, ouch!

    As to the wiring harness, it is absolutely ridiculous to say that adding a wiring harness will "short" the electrical system! The harness is nothing more than an extension of the existing 4-wire harness already pre-wired into the '01 RX. No wires cross, there is nothing that can go wrong. Besides, the FUSE in any automobile will blow (as in any well-designed electrical system, especially one that is intended to get WET) if a short is detected, it will certainly not short the vehicle electrical system.
  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    It is possible that your dealer is pulling the rug over your eyes. Corporate Lexus does not have a policy to refuse a hitch installation. Call them up and mention that your dealership refuses to install one and see what they say about it.

    Our '01 RX *HAD* to have the hitch (which looks classy, substantial, and appropriate IMO) installed at the dealership (Lexus of Norwood, in MA), as the Port (in NJ) doesn't perform hitch installation anymore. Cost $565 installed. And fully covered under the vehicle warranty.

    To each his own. I'm happy with my hitch. Hopefully you'll be happy with yours once the wiring harness works.

  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    Please! We are using the OEM wiring harness extension sold by Toyota. It's the same part used by Lexus! We've done NOTHING to skimp or save money here except do it ourselves! The potential to short out anything on the electrical system is NONE! Once we find the resolution, I'll have a beautiful looking hitch and a working OEM wiring harness. Plus I will have saved mucho dineros! :^) Have a nice day..
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I removed and stored both hitches, from my 2000 RX which I traded in for a 2001 RX. Anyone wanting to pick up either of these, for free, in Redmond WA please let me know.
  • rxcitedrxcited Posts: 7
    Tried searching this board and couldn't find a related thread, so here goes.

    I've been driving my 2001 FWD RX300 for about 3 weeks now. I live in Texas where it is hot, hot, hot. Shortly after I start the car and the air conditioning kicks in, I hear 3 to 4 pops from the area of the sunroof. They are about a minute or so apart, and they stop after about 5 or 6 minutes.

    Anyone else have this problem, and what was your fix? I'll go in for the 1k service soon, and I'd like to know how others have fared. I've driven cars with sunroofs in Texas for many years and have never had this problem, so I've got to believe there's a fix.

    Many thanks.
  • Hi all -
    I am about to purchase an RX300 on Saturday. I've been reading this group to decide what to do about the hitch, so let me see if I have it straight:
    The hidden hitch for a Highlander will fit exactly on an RX300? The simple wiring connecter from toyotaguys will plug right into the RX300 wiring, but we're not sure if it actually works.
    I am very interested if anyone gets the wiring harness to work before I head off to negotiate on Saturday!
  • ststephen0ststephen0 Posts: 37
    Yes I have the same noise on my 2001 AWD.....of course my Lexus service dept. has no clue what is causing it.....they added some insulation tape....I'll let you know if it works...just had it in the shop yesterday for 5000 mile service.

    Anyone from Atlanta: What is the BEST Lexus service in the Atlanta area ?
  • jasonwwjasonww Posts: 7
    I am having the same popping noise in my sunroof on my 1.5 month old RX300, it sounds exactly like what you described. This is happening in Atlanta, where it's been pretty hot. But I'm not sure if this is heat-related or not... some people on here have suspected that it is.

    When I took it in for 1k mile service last week, they said they couldn't figure out what caused it. But the dolts barely looked at it, I could tell from the timer on my CD player that they only drove it for like 3 or 4 min, hardly adequate time to duplicate the problem. They said they lubricated it... like that will fix a problem that occurs while the sunroof remainings motionless and shut. It hasn't been doing it as much, but as soon as it starts doing it frequently again I will be down at the dealership.

    StStephen, regarding best Lexus service in Atlanta... I'm going to avoid Nalley. I found in the car buying process they were just GREEDY. "Well, we can sell you a '99 RX300 2WD for $34000." I think that probably extends to their service department too. Hennessey gave me a good deal on the price, but my first impression of their service dept. is that they're a little lax. One of my coworkers recommended a place where he gets his GS300 serviced, said they specialize in Lexus/Infinity, lots of ex-mechs from Nalley & Hennessey. They're called T3 something, maybe T3 Automotive, and they're in Smyrna area. Supposed to be cheaper than dealerships, but high quality work, if you want to go non-dealership route. I'm considering it.

  • homers1homers1 Posts: 2
    I was looking at RX300's at Woodfield Lexus in Schaumburg, IL last night. Almost all of them had the Premium Plus package. They all had that option on the sticker as $4050. Three sources on the web (Edmunds, Carpoint, and Lexus' own website) say that option MSRP's for around $2200 and should retail for $2500-$3000.

    Am I missing something that happened in the market, something regional, or is this dealer just marking this up on their sticker?
  • lexrx1lexrx1 Posts: 9
    ststephen0, homers1, we could have used a couple more RX's at the ClubLexus meet we just had at Dave and Busters off Steve Reynolds Blvd. in Atlanta! If you want to join, we will have another meet sometime around August.

    I bought my RX at Hennesey off 285, and had a great experience. For some reason many people feel uneasy about Nalley, but they have a very nice service dept. Some people even take the time to travel down to Butler Lexus in Macon.

    About that popping noise. Some people on ClubLexus had that problem too - me included. It is SO loud but noticeable. I think it has something to do with the extreme temperature changes and flexing in the sunroof area...not exactly sure though. Nice to meet you guys - and have enjoyed the information here in your posts.
  • alsopalsop Posts: 38
    Just a quick note from a humble Highlander owner that on the Edmund's Highlander site, the postings regarding the popping noise from the sun roof area are somewhat similar to the postings here, including the hot weather conditions. No one at the Highlander site has any info on why though, either. I suppose I am fornuate...although it has been up to 110 degrees in the last month in the part of California I live, I have not heard any sound at all related to my sun roof, or from that area. Anyway, just FYI about the similar Highlander postings. /Ron
  • ucsdsigucsdsig Posts: 10
    My '99 GS 300 and had the same problem w/ the sunroof popping. I believe there was a TSB for this on the GS. I will try to look for my old service record, b/c the problem was fixed completely. If my memory serves me correctly, the fix involved re-insulating the sunroof.
  • drummerboydrummerboy Posts: 30
    TonyChrys wrote: "Bottom line: Go to, click build your own, type in your zip code. If you can't build a certain configuration on the web site, then more than likely you'll have a hard time finding that particular configuration at your local dealer."

    This statement is true. However, even if you can configure the RX that you want, it doesn't mean that they actually make it. For example, you will not be able to get a White RX with black leather anywhere in the U.S, although you can easily configure one on
  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539

    If saving a few dollars on a $40k vehicle is worth all your time and effort on getting a "Toyota harness working on a Toyota-made Lexus", great. Maybe the time spent on something as remedial as this isn't worth much to you, but mine is.

    Let me guess. You do your own oil changes too, right?

    Happily driving an '01 RX with fully functioning and fully warrantied hitch,

  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    Saving approx $400 on a 40K vehicle is not a top priority but it's nice. What is important is that the less expensive hitch is the better quality and better looking hitch in my opinion and apparently the opinions of others in previous posts. I could only find one post defending the look of the factory hitch.
  • rxcitedrxcited Posts: 7
    Thanks to everyone who responded to my popping noise inquiry.

    Just knowing I'm not alone gives me more leverage when I go for the first service.

    ststephen0 and ucsdsig, I especially look forward to your updates. Thank you.
  • kmhkmh Posts: 143
    I'm hoping someone on this board will know the answer...

    My '99 AWD with the rear LSD is coming up on 60,000 miles... Besides the maintenance required at 60,000 for the RX, what sort of maintenance will be required for the AWD and LSD part of the vehicle? Any parts needing adjustment or replacement? Fluids need changing?

    I don't have a owner's manual handy, but I'm sure the informations in there, right? If someone could help me out with some answers, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    In the 2000 RX shop manual the viscous clutch itself appears to be a sealed component. My guess is the AWD & LSD components will not need any maintenance unless you feel that your driving style or driving areas would have put these components under undue stress. Unless there is a "predominance" of differential wheel spinning throughout your 60,000 miles then the viscous clutch fluid will have been simply cruising along for the ride, much the same with the LSD.

    My AWD Porsche manual says the viscous clutch can be permannently damaged if there is unrestrained differential wheel spin for as little as 20 seconds. Differential turning rates between the front axle and the rear axle causes extreme turbulence in the fluid separating the two sets of clutch plates resulting in heating of the fluid and dramatically increased viscousity. If this increased viscousity cannot, for any reason, bring the rotation rate into synchronization then the fluid will continue to heat, overheat, and become "damaged".

    I have driven two Jeeps, and 85 and a 92, with center differential (dual) viscous clutches and LSDs each for over 100K miles in Pacific Northwest wintertime climates, Skiing, and didn't notice any degradation in the AWD performance throughout their use. The 92 has been "retired" to a cattle and wheat ranch in North Central Montana since we bought our 2000 RX in Jan 2000 and it still seems to be performing well.

    Oh, and if anyone advises you to change out any fluids besides the engine oil ask them for a thourough explanation as too why. Engine oil is specifically formulated to hold "particles" in suspension so they will be drained when the oil is changed out. Transmission oil, on the other hand, is formulated to allow "particles" to settle into the bottom of the oil pan.

    Waste of Money...
  • kmhkmh Posts: 143
    Appreciate your thorough explanation. I feel a little more assurance with your information as I go to speak with the service department for maintenance.
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