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Chevy Tahoe



  • tuckpanatuckpana Posts: 20
    GMC has $1,000 dealer cash for Louisville & Lexington,KY and Nashville & Chattanooga,TN until 10/1/1
  • 3lakeswi3lakeswi Posts: 77
    GMO = GM Order - You order the vehicle you want and get a certain predefined price from GM. Generally less of a discount than GMS.

    GMS = GM Stock - You pick your vehicle from a dealer's in stock inventory. The GMS price is printed right on the dealer's invoice.

    Anybody offering GMS or GMO pricing to non-GM employees, family members or GM "partners" is most likely not really offering GMS or GMO pricing at all. Reason being, in order to qualify for this program you must have a certificate stating that you are eligible and how. This ceertificate comes right from GM.

    I bought my 2001 Yukon GMS because my brother is an engineer at the Janesville plant here in WI where they are made. Direct relatives (brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, spouses) of GM employees are eligible for GMS/O.
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 265
    Thanks for the info. Very informative. I wonder how the dealer in MA is giving that kind of pricing (unless he's getting some support from GM) or he just wants to unload product.
  • dellwelldellwell Posts: 27
    Good day all. I just took my 97 Tahoe LT in for a service this morning as the check engine light is on. The service guy plug in that computer and took it for a drive and came up with this: The torque converter clutch is not working at all. The code for this is P1870. As I do not know much about engines or transmissions for that matter, could someone shed some light on this issue?? Thanks.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    3lakeswi: I think you might be abit off on your definitions. GMS pricing is for GM Suppliers. This pricing extends pricing of approx. invoice or slightly under to any company's employees that qualify as suppliers to GM. (In fact I qualified for this program and purchased my 2001 Denali XL at about $200 under factory invoice). GMO pricing is the pricing extended to GM employees and is equal to Factory invoice minus 4%. Both programs have restrictions, for example neither program can be used to purchase a vette.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    GMS - GM employee discount on vehicles already in dealer stock - price is slightly below invoice.
    GMO - GM employee discount on vehicles you order to your specifications - price is a little better than GMO (maybe $500-$700 better ?).
    Both GMS and GMO are around 5% below invoice, but price depends on vehicle. Slow selling vehicles have better discounts. As mentioned above, forget buying a Vette on GMS or GMO. Also, dealers don't have to honor GMS/GMO discounts. Some dealers still don't honor GMS/GMO on Yukons/Yukon XLs.
    GM Supplier rebate is different - discount for employees of companies that supply parts to GM factories - price is not as good as GMS/GMO.
    I got a $1000 discount certificate in the mail on a Tahoe or Suburban if delivery is taken before 9/30/01 (2001 or 2002 model). This is a GM credit card member offer.
    A local Chevy dealer is offering to double the $1000 gas tank rebate on Tahoes/Suburbans for a limited time. I have not yet checked out whether this is allowed in combination with a GMS/GMO purchase.
    Phoenix dealers are listing Tahoes and Yukons at $6000 below MSRP. The fine print indicates stacking a lot of discounts most people don't qualify for (college graduate, active military, GM Truck Show In Motion coupon, GM conquest coupon, Olds owner loyalty rebate, gas tank settlement discount, etc.) I would be interested in hearing if anyone has actually used any of these special discounts, and if they can be used with GMS/GMO.
    If you are a GM employee you can get GMS pricing via the GM Family First website and a special version of GM Buypower (type in SSAN and the website verifies if you are an entitled to a GMS/GMO discount, then you can proceed.) Unfortunately, in the state of Arizona where I live, some state law has caused GM to stop access to GM Buypower for Arizona residents.
    Buying a new vehicle is not as simple as it used to be.
  • 3lakeswi3lakeswi Posts: 77
    GMS does not mean GM Suppliers I can guarantee you that. GMS is GM Stock meaning discount given to in-stock vehicles. Call up your dealer and ask him/her. TucsonJWT has described the system exactly the same way as I understand it to work. All vehicles do not get the exact same discount. The only thing that I remember, and maybe this was only with the Yukon was that I saved slightly more by going with GMS. I may be confused on that but I don't think so.

    To answer Tucson's question - all current rebate offers, financing deals and "credit card points" are eligible towards a GMS/GMO purchase. My brother who is the actual GM employee always buys Bonnevilles for his wife and they always get additional rebates, credit card cash, loyalty rebates, etc. above and beyond the GMS price. Unfortunately there are seldom, if ever, rebates on the Yukon/Tahoe and I don't have a GM credit card.

    I always buy my vehicles at the very start of the model year. For example I bought my 2001 Yukon in August of last year. It was the first 2001 my local dealer took delivery of. I personally believe that saves on depreciation. Since I have now driven a 2001 vehicle for almost a year and they ar still being sold on dealer's lots probably until October or so. My 2001 has nearly 15,000 miles on it but is still in the "current" model year. The blue book on a 2001 with 15,000 miles and a 2000 with the same amount of miles is usually $1,000-$1,500 higher. I will most likely do the same thing again in 2003. Although if GMC comes out with a Z71 package like the one on the Tahoe/Sub I may be doing it in 2002.
  • subliminalsubliminal Posts: 29

    If you want to contact me about the discount deal email me at:

    The letter I got from my salesman only said "GM Employee pricing". He won some kinda GM Northeast sales award last year and he said this is the owner's way of trying to help him do it again this year. I don't know how he is doing it. But the sales dept has been very very trustworthy and honest there, so I believe it to be a legitimate good deal for referred customers.

    There were few details, only that it was the first 10 or 20 customers who sign a deal with him. It did not say out of dealer stock, but I am assuming it is. To inquire about the discount call:

    Nick Chopelas
    Herb Connolly Chevrolet
    Framingham, MA

    IMPORTANT: You must tell him you are a referral from Matt Dombroski.

    Didn't mean to cause such a stir, just trying to get discounts in the hands of the people (these trucks are ridiculously priced to begin with). I also like the dealer so it is easy to do them a favor, they have done some for me.

  • riskaker11riskaker11 Posts: 39
    Could someone tell me what a good Canadian price is on full equiped Yukon SLT (non XL) with 3rd seat option, sunroof & autoride. The price I was given by the dealer was $54.4k (plus taxes,...). Dealer claims demand is high right now however, there is a bit of breathing room to negotiate.

    Any help would be truly appreciated.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    Now I am confused or at least my dealer is. My sales invoice lists me as a "GMS Supplier" price and I had to fill out form 1753 to receive the Supplier price on a 2001 Denali XL. The price was about $200 under factory invoice on my order in Nov of 2000. Received the truck in Feb. 2001.

    All other reabtes could be used, however none were out at the time. I was able to use about 2000 points on my GM card (old plan) which resulted in a price about $2200 under invoice.
  • I'm taking my tahoe in for a second failed rear window regulator repair (have they made them properly yet?) and also to see what they say about the passenger door being slightly out of alignment. I'm always aware of whether the various body panels line up correctly and made sure that they were on delivery, but now the passenger side extends almost 1/4" outward of the rear door line and when opened, the lower hinge (I think) appears to flex when I rock the door up and down modestly. Sure, I park on sloped street sides and do my best to make the girls not let the door swing open, but shouldn't this door be tough enough to withstand that and stay in place? The upper end doesn't seem to be mating with the secondary (outer) seal either like the driver's side door either. on a side note, it also looks like the passenger outside mirror is coming off at the top, where it seems they used some kind of "stickum" to connect the cheap plastic to the cheap door. Don't get me wrong though, I love this sweet sweet ride. Anyone else seen this?
  • don4341don4341 Posts: 69
    Really do want this info also, but according to
    we will just have to wait 17 more days - August 1st. I keep checking Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds to no avail.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    Go to GM Buypower, select your vehicle from any dealer listed for the zip code you enter, click on estimate payment (I think) from the Tools menu on the right hand side of the screen, see all open incentives. I don't know if this is accurate or not, but it looks like GM is picking and choosing where to offer consumer cash within one region. The Western region shows $500 to $1000 consumer cash depending on the city/state for dealer stock on 2001 Tahoes until July 31, or October 31, but not in Tucson. I guess I am not living in the West. I may have to drive east to New Mexico to get an additonal $1000 off. :):)
    I am hoping to combine $1000 consumer cash, $1000 gas tank certificate, $1000 certificate I got in the mail from GM Credit Card, $1800 GM Credit Card earnings, and GMS to come in at a digestible below invoice price. These new vehicles are still outrageously priced, but the big SUVs are still selling like hotcakes.
    Let's see... I WAS a college graduate many moons ago, I WAS in the military, I ONCE rode in an Olds, ......
    Saw the new Trail Blazer at the dealer today - looks a lot like the old Blazer to me - about the same size - pretty thin sheet metal.
    Saw the Avalanche - looks practical with all of the cladding protection, but destined to be the Aztek/leisure suit of the new millenium - IMHO.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    I had a nice talk with Dave Elkin in Las Cruces, New Mexico ( Wallace Chevrolet). He told me that the dealers have to indicate the state of residence of the purchaser, and only rebates applying to the state of residence are valid, not the state of sale.
    If you want to check out a good dealer website try the Wallace Chevrolet site at The inventory listing is updated frequently and the "internet" price is posted right next to the MSRP. Looks like the internet prices are right around invoice. This site works clean and fast ever with my 56K dialup modem because of no unnecessary graphics and other junk. It's the best dealer website I have seen, and I've checked out a lot of them lately. Also, Dave responded right away by email and phone, even though I was not a live customer - yet. :):)
    One curious thing I am finding out - there is apparently a shortage of 2WD LS Tahoes in the Southwest. Lots of 4WDs and LTs sitting around. I think the extra $3K for 4WD makes people think twice, plus the LT's $ don't look like you get very much for your extra LT money IMHO.
  • lwweislwweis Posts: 1
    My Tahoe ,1997, shifts hard when hot from first to second. I had it recently serviced at dealer. Any one else have this. Solution?
  • 3lakeswi3lakeswi Posts: 77
    You answered your own question - GM suppliers are eligible for GMS pricing. It's that simple. Rumor for the last couple of years is that GM is going to discontinue this pricing for suppliers. Though it hasn't happened yet. I know they have changed the criteria for what suppliers are eligible.

    I too saw my fist Avalnache this weekend. Also found it hauntingly "Aztecish" in front end appearance. That is not a good thing. I liked a lot of things about it, but disliked nearly as many. I saw a loaded Z71. Some of my complaints were tires/wheels that appear too small for the gaping wheel wells, front-end Aztecish appearance, cheesy Chevy emblems sewn on the nice leather seats. Likes are the utility, the bed, the Yukon-like interior, and that's about it.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Hey Tucsonjwt, I have a question for you.

    I am a GM Carm member. Until recently I had no intention of buying a new vehicle. I am now beginning to change my mind. I know I have received mailings in the past from the GM Card offering various discount programs to me. Unfortunately for me, I kept throwing them away since I had no intention of buying a vehicle. I just got off the phone with a GM Card rep and they stated that I am not eligilble for any discounts (through the card at least) at this time. Can you please tell me what your GM Card certificate says? I'm wondering if I received the certificate and threw it away. Also, what is the gas tank certificate?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    The $1000 discount says "A Special Offer Exclusively For You" (that makes me feel important:):). It must be used by 9/30/01 on any 2001 or 2002 Tahoe or Suburban, so I guess I could conceiveably order a 2002 and use this discount if I was lucky and got an early delivery. I am leaning toward a 2002 Yukon, so I probably won't use this coupon. Too bad it is not transferable or I could mail it to you(unless you are a member of my household). I think I got this coupon by answering an inquiry that came with my GM credit card bill that asked if I intended to by a new vehicle soon, and the only large GM SUV they listed was a Tahoe.
    (I am leaning toward a Yukon because you can order luxury features and still get the smaller 4.8 engine and 3.42 open rear end - which is what I want in order to save whatever I can in fuel on this big gas hog. On the Tahoe/Sub you have to get the LT for an extra $4K and you have to get the 5.3, plus you don't have the rear quarter panel trim piece which will provide more parking lot protection.)
    The gas tank discount - If you owned a "side saddle tank" GM truck of (I think) the 1973-1980 vintage, then you were qualified for a $1000 discount off any new GM vehicle. I owned a 1973 and a 1976 3/4 chev pickup. I recently sold the 76 but I still have the 73. I just got two $1000 certificates. I'll probably use one on a new Yukon.
    The other coupon? - I can tansfer or "sell" the other one to a third party, and that third party can use it for a $500 discount on a new GM vheicle. Or, I can sell the 73 pickup and the new owner can use it for a $1000 discount on a new GM vehicle. If I didn't have a need to keep the old 73 for another year, I would sell the truck with the $1000 coupon.
    I spent a lot of time on the net this weekend researching vehicles, offers, and dealers, and I think 3lakeswi above is right about buying early in the model year(unless you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time, like 10 years). Getting a $1000 discount probably doesn't mean much when your vehicle drops $2000 in value from August to October because the new models came out. Plus, the only Yukons/Tahoes I see around the dealer lots are 4WDs for an extra $3K for a feature that I (and most people) never need.
    Good Luck.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Thanks for the info.
  • vwellinvwellin Posts: 2
    I am interested in getting a pre-owned Tahoe/Yukon to give me a better all weather vehicle. I am trying to find out what years to avoid and what years were pretty good for the 95-99 body style Tahoe/Yukon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    I got this from a GMC dealer today, but I preface my remarks with the caution that dealers can sometimes be wrong.
    GM Supplier discount is GMS price + 4%.
    No new prices yet on 2002 Yukons but expected to be in the 3%+ increase range or more?
    Can't get 1SD (luxury package) in 2002 without getting 5.3/3.73 rear/locking differential.
    If you order now you can't expect delivery on a 2002 until between mid-September to mid-October or later.
    My 2K Silverado trade would be about $1K less than Kelly Blue Book trade in value on a GMO purchase - about the difference in AZ sales tax on the amount of the trade in value. No value in added accessories, as expected.
    Also, Chevy dealers are responding with a November time frame delivery at the earliest for 2002 Tahoes, but I did get one Phoenix reply that invoice pricing was offered on 2002s, so my guess is that most if not all Phoenix dealers would match that.
    The dealer was pushing 4WDs (all they had available) and 2001 models - said nobody wanted 2WDs - (I guess I have that Maverick spirit ;-0) - still can't see myself or most people running a $40K luxury SUV offroad - I must be the exception. Also, the dealer tried to convince me that the 2001s would lose little if any value when the 2002 models come out. Interestingly, I was also told that the quote I got on my trade in would not be valid in September because we would be in a new model year and it would be worth less than it is worth today. Go figure.
  • njyukon1njyukon1 Posts: 1
    Does any one know of a rear cargo liner that can be used with and without the third row seats on a 4-door 2001 Yukon. Are there any that have cut-outs so the seats can be easily taken out and put back in.

  • wasjrwasjr Posts: 17
    Re to 1105
    Husky makes a liner as you described. It even has cutouts for cargo net hooks. I just ordered this for 79.95 from Automotive Accessories Connection, Inc (website Also consider Husky Mud guards, and Catch-all liners for passenger area.
  • Ref 1098. My independent mechanic says this is due to the computer. When the truck is hot, and in stop and go traffic, the computer turns up the pressure in the 1-2 upshift to reduce wear in the transmission. The computer resets when the key is turned off. Happened to me once, at the end of a 600 mile road trip. If it keeps doing it, new computer.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    What year is the truck? If it is 99 or older have the guy check the computer connections, I had a Sierra truck that fdid the same thing and the connections were loose, I think it was the alarm people who did it. But anyways, if you recently disconnected or drained the battery completly then dogged it, or had a heavy trailer load, it will use that load as a starting point for the shifing algorythms. If that did happen disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and reconnect, drive with no or minimal load, kids or luggage, no heavy stuff, for 500 miles, it will re learn your driving habits and every thing will go back to normal.
  • johnnyhojohnnyho Posts: 6
    '95 Tahoe CT 85,000 miles - I am the original owner and had a "flunk" noise (from the rear - transmission?) during immediate acceleration and mostly after hard stops. Dealer in TX said the cause was "bumpers missing and prop shaft". The correction was "lube dry spines and install leaf spring bumpers". While I was skeptical, the solution has worked. The bumpers they installed are on the ends of my leaf springs. I find it hard to believe these were making the noise (apparently rotating under compressive stops??). However, I'm flunk free for now and out $275.
  • johnnyhojohnnyho Posts: 6
    Sorry about that post - first time poster got caught by the Edmunds user friendly spell check.

    Tahoe "LT" "spline" "clunk" etc...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Thanks for the info and sorry about the spell checker. You do have 30 minutes to make any changes or fixes after you post a message. Just click on the Edit button that follows your message after you post it.

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  • piercemanpierceman Posts: 47
    I've been lurking on this board trying to get a feel for the Tahoe. Lots of good info here.

    I found a nice DEMO 2001 LT, sunroof, third row, autoride, and rear seat auto controls
    MSRP of $41,913 5000k miles
    Black/Tan leather

    I see many are paying close to list. I'm wondering what I can get this for
    What financing is available for 48/60 months? (15k down)(excellent credit)
    I'm in NJ
    THanks in advance
  • Rich, nobody is paying anywhere near list for these things anymore. There's a glut of them out there on the lots. You can get a new one with no miles on it near invoice (or below invoice). To pay anywhere near invoice for a demo with 5K on it (it's actually a used truck) would be highway robbery. Go to:

    and look around and then click on GMBuypower from the chevy site to have a look at what the dealers in your area have in inventory. Go slow and don't get "snookered"...... good luck!!

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