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Chevy Tahoe



  • As i finished up a 75 mile trip, i came to a stop sign(slowing to a stop, of course) and once stopped, my RPM gauge started spasming from 200-800rpm. Make long story short, it has gotten worse now, even doing it when I just start it in the morning, actually died on me twice now due to it dropping so low. Runs fine when given some acceleration. Something to deal with fuel possibly? Fuel filter on frame replaced and still no luck.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Check your fuel pressure.
  • Thanks for the reply :) I just heard back from the auto shop i took it to (just a local guy with small shop. heard good things). Needs throttle body rebuilt. $250. I've never had to deal with that before, so i didn't have a price to go off of, but i figured it wasn't horrible considering it's still only half of a new one if not less (i think). The guy seemed nice anyway and has a chevy p/u w/ a 350 too, so i trusted him. Hope this helps someone. Btw, haven't got it back yet, but will post as the outcome of the performance.
  • I got it back. It idles smoother than when I bought it (I bought it 3 yrs. ago with 163k on 198k now). Very please with the work done. Costed about $222 for parts and labor. Check the price of the kit before you have someone do it though. Also, find out how long it takes someone to do it, check around. This will save you some money. :D
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I know that throttle bodies get carboned up from intake reversion which causes idle problems but am curious as to what part(s) wear out that would require rebuilding?

    Did he show you the bad parts or explain what happened?
  • No, he didn't tell me what was wrong. I was just wanting it fixed and it is unlike me not to ask what was wrong and see what he replaced. Last night I returned to school after that 75 mile trip I take every weekend, and I sat an let it idle for about 10-15 minutes (in drive, cause i was talking to someone), and it spasmed a couple of times. It made me wonder if he did a good job. Do you think it needs to go back to the shop?
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Hard to say since we don't know what he did the first time.
  • Ya that's true. I listened to it for a few minutes this afternoon while it idled. It wasn't completely 100% smooth, but close i suppose. I haven't seen it spasm like it did the other night thank goodness. But I don't know if that means it's ok or it will get worse. Guess it would be easy to know that if we knew what he did. I'll call him this weekend. Thanks for the reply :)
  • I have been thru the fuse busses (?) per the owners manuals and can't find the problem. It[they] just stopped working. The switches have never given any indication of poor contacts, and the rear blower just stopped - no indications nor odd sounds.

    Any suggestions?

    Pls advise.
  • Good day
    I have had a direct drain on my battery on my 97 Tahoe since I bought it in 99. Was never a great problem before now but I am out of town with more traveling and it sits for 4 or 5 days at a time and the battery will not be strong enough to turn it over. Any Ideas? Also Just drove it back from Vig. over thanksgiving and it started losing power, we could let it sit for twenty minutes and it would seem fine. Do the reg. maintenice oil at 3000, replaced tranny at 70,000. Replace battery every two years (New one in Nov. this year, put in two alternators, last one less than a year ago. Intake manifold gasket, fuel pump, fuel sensor, rotors, brakes, brakes...(rear drums keep heat checking the shoes. Any ideas would help greatly.
    Thanks, have a great day
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Check the resistor bank, in the plenum, which is what drops the voltage and gives the blower motor different fan speeds.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You'll need to put an ammeter on the battery, so that you can monitor the current drain. Then start unplugging fuses and relays, to determine which circuit(s) are causing the drain. Extremely helpful to have factory wiring diagram to know what each of the fuses power, when and what turns on different functions.

    This is a very tedious job, but the only way you'll find what the problem is. Could be a hundred things, but for instance, could be a rear heater fan is on low speed, could be a seat motor is stuck on, could be one of the computers which would normally be powered on all the time has excessive current drain.
  • Are the holes drilled in a 04 tahoe z71 for a 3rd row seat that has barn doors? Thanks
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Not sure, always bought with the third seat in it.

    Why don't you just lay on your back under the vehicle in the back. You'll be able to look right up and answer the question definitively. You could also pull up the carpet and check from the top, but looking underneath it would be easier and quicker.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Based on what other folks have said in the past, I'd say no.
  • hi new to forum
    dont know if posted b4 but i need help. im planning to put and aftermarket deck on my 03 tahoe bose system but i dont know wat wire harness to use i wunt one dat is cheap and it works tanx
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Check with Crutchfield. They can answer your question.
  • ach33ach33 Posts: 2
    I have a 04 tahoe Z71. I had the instrument panel changed out which is something they said may happen. When the dealership does this they have to do some re-programing. This all seemed to go well but about 2 weeks after I got a "check engine" light. Had the code read and it pointed to bank 1 sensor 1. I changed the sensor and the light cleared for about 1 week then came back on. Had code read again and the same thing bank 1 sensor 1. Swapped out the sensor I had just changed with another new one and this time the light will not clear. I had the code read by a friend with a high end scanner and it too points to the O2 sensor but it also states that the sensor is not seeing the correct voltage at startup. The sensors I have installed came from Auto Zone. Is it possible that these sensor do not work well with the GM vehicle.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Could be or could be that you need the diagnostic tree in the factory service manual to fully troubleshoot the problem. The DTCs just get you to the area of the problem and don't necessarily tell you what has failed.
  • ach33ach33 Posts: 2
    What if it says that the O2 sensor is not getting the correct voltage at startup. Is there anything in particular that may cause this.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Probably but you will need the factory service manual to track it down.

    You might check all of the electrical connections.
  • i donno i anybody faced this issue! i bought my chevy z71 a couple of months back, since there was a great offer at that time , i wanted a black car, so i was left with 1 unit available which was a z71.
    I do not go off road and stuff! i just like the shape, the 2 things that i really hate in it are the extremely silly looking 2 tone front bumper and the ugly small rims...i feel driving a degrading car whenever i cross the classy ltz on the road.
    For cost saving i will not change the tyres and rims till its time to change it ...when it comes to the bumper...can somebody please HELP !! does the LT, LTZ bumper works on the z71? or the plastic covers over the wheel will mismatch ?? the dealer in dubai is not a reference to ask,
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    The front bumper covers aren't interchangeable due to the Z/71s fender flares. Why not just paint the fake skid plate black?
  • Bought my 03 Tahoe new and have spoiled it with on time maintenance. Just had the 60k service in Jul 09. Took it in at 62k for loud squealing from two belts (serpetine and AC) and a strange thumping from the front. Dealer checked front differential fluid and metal shavings were present. Ext. warranty ran out Dec 19, 09. Rebuilt differential was $1100.00 and Chevy would not give me any goodwill on the price. Love the rig (tows excellent) but GM support is in the crapper. Anyone else tow and have this issue (front or rear).
  • Ok, it went into the shop again. This gentleman said he thinks it was the distributor. So, he replaced that (since it was replaced 2 yrs ago, it was still under warranty cause it was a rebuilt one, and he had to change the intake manifold gasket anyway, so parts and labor on it were free) and it stopped the idling problem, so now it's back to normal. Thanks everyone for your input on this issue. I appreciate your help. I hope this is the last time i have to talk on here because of a problem with my hoe, but i know it won't be :P
  • I had the RPM spasming problem, and now (just the past few days) it has started another problem. I will shift into drive from park once i start it up (usually the first time for the day, sometimes happens later in the day when i shift into drive) and i press a little on the gas to get going, and it won't move immediately, like a tooth has been grinded off in the differential. I think this is it cause i was an idiot about a week ago and tried racing a guy at a stop light, and pressed on the gas and the brake to have a quick take off when the light turned green. I think this caused the differential problem(i think it's the differential). So, I'm going to change the differential oil this weekend and reseal the gasket/check for metal shavings--unless someone knows what it could be besides the differential. Thank you. Sorry for the long message.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I would think the problem is more likely to be the transmission. The transmission is what would have been doing all of the 'slipping' while you are reving the engine with the brakes on. The differential is a set of gears that stay engaged all of the time.

    Wouldn't hurt to change the fluid in the differential, I just wouldn't expect it to change your symptoms at all.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I agree. Sounds like a tranny problem to me. Might try a flush and fill to see if that does any good.
  • Thanks for the replies. Would you still believe it is the tranny even though it feels like it shifts solid once going? And should it be something I have looked at soon to avoid more costs?
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Yes and yes.
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