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Isuzu Rodeo



  • The clunk when coming to a stop is normal I thought. I think it's just the tranny downshifting into first, but I could be wrong. The clunk when starting to go forward is not normal though. It could be the driveshaft U-joint as Paisan suggested or a much more serious problem within the transmission or transfercase.
  • "Normal" roughly translates to "I don't know what's wrong"
    If it doesn't clunk going back and forth from drive to reverse it could be more than the driveshaft. I'd take it to another Isuzu dealer who is interested in really finding out what is wrong.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I can hear a clunk as well in certain cases. I've heard it couple times when I started from the stop light and decided to experiment a little bit. The clunk "is there" in 90% of the times when I step on gas not completely removing the clutch (just like when you start moving from the first gear) but instead of releasing the clutch to continue acceleration I drop the gas and depress the clutch again. The truck starts moving at first and, of course, stops acceleration when I drop the gas. At this point I can usually hear a clunk. It doesn't bother me too much because it doesn't seem to affect anything, but I am going to show it to the mechanic next time I take it for oil change. I can bet they'd tell me "they all do that" or "that's normal," but I want it to be in the receipt so that if it turns out to be a serious problem in the future, I can put that receipt in their faces.
  • mnaikmnaik Posts: 5
    Just because I'm a Honda man, that doesn't mean that I have to drive a that ugly Odyssey. I bought the Honda in 1998, because the closest Honda place to my house is 2 minutes away, while the closest Isuzu dealer is 35 minutes away, and anyways I got a pretty damn good deal on mine.

    I paid $21K for my LX 4x2 V6 brand new, so I really don't feel like I got ripped by not buying the Isuzu instead. Anyways, whatever I may have overpaid, I have already reaped the benifits from great Honda Cust Care. And also at the time Isuzu only offered a 3 year 50K warranty, which is the same as a 3 year 36k one from Honda, because I don't drive that much.

    Well, this is my situation guys, if all of you can give me some input. Like I said, I have a 98 Passport with 46,000 miles, and mechanically it has been relatively trouble free since I bought it brand new. The only problem is that all the sites that I check including this one and MSN Carpionts, have horror stories about having to replace and rebuild engines on the 3.2 V6. I am in college right now, and my parents bought me this truck when I was in High School. Should I go ahead and sell the truck or keep it until I finish school and hope to not have any problems with it.
    I personally am a huge fan of Isuzu Desiels, and I really don't mind my Passport, except for all the rattles. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and all of the guys in my classes including myself are simply in awe of the Duramax, which I think GM takes all the credit for, even thought its all Isuzulogy. I need to get another 60K miles out of this truck, until I can graduate and buy something else. I know that you are all Isuzu crazy, just like I feel about Hondas. Please help me with some suggestions. What do all of you guys, including amigo john and Mike (Paisan) suggest. Thanks for the input guys!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Don't fixit. Just make sure to check the oil regularly (Isuzus eat oil for some reason) and hope for the best. Or buy an extendedwarranty if you are still under 36K.

  • I have a 2001 rodeo ls with app. 21,000 miles. I have been hearing a noise while on the highway that sounds suspiciously like a cracked converter. At my last oil change, my mechanic indicated he thought that was it as well.
    Has anyone else had a problem with the cat converter that required replacement
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    But it should be covered w/o a problem under the warranty.

  • I was leery of Rodeos after reading some reviews, but I leased a 96 Rodeo because the payment was cheap and wanted a bigger auto. It went 48k and 1 headlight went out and was replaced under warranty. I have 2 more Isuzus now.

    The Rodeo isn't the best SUV out there unless you take price into consideration. What else can you get loaded for under 25k? Maybe a Rav4. A 4Runner is 12k more. My Amigo was $14,500 w/Alloy Wheels and AC. What can you get for that? Not even a lowly Kia.

    If it hasn't given you mechanical problems by now it should go 120k with no problems if you take care of it. Sometimes the best car you can have is the car you already own if its paid for.

    As for squeaks and rattles, have you ever removed any door panels, dash trim, etc. That'll make one rattle if not done properly. Heck, you're an ME, whip out the screwdriver, foam weatherstrip, etc and track down those rattles and fix 'em. If you'll drive to Alabama, I'll even help you.

    I took apart a dash on a buddys '85 corolla that had about 50 business cards folded up and jammed in various places to stop rattles. Everytime I loosened something I would get hit in the head with cards!

    Too bad Isuzu doesn't make diesels here. I have a VW Golf diesel with 251k on it and it runs like new.
  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    Hi to all, I recently went off-roading in my 98 LS 2x4 which was pretty stupid to start with. I did a lot of off-roading in this truck with no problems, until today, I was driving in mud when I lost traction and hit big stone about 1 ft in length and 6-8 inches high, I hit it with my right back tire. I was going about 5-7 mph, when I hit it I side-swipe it with my nerf-bar, bending the crap out it and putting a good size dent in the lower part of the door, I also damaged somekinda control arm in the back which is touching my tire now and makes and extremely loud noise. My question is, are does control arms that weak? and does anybody know where I can buy a just one nerf-bar instead of 2. I also want to ask the dealer if can some how putt better control arms on it, or maybe I should just get a better 4x4 truck.
    thank you
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well first you should get boulderbars from Matt at these are strong enough to jack up the whole truck with. The rear control arms are strong but don't forget if a rock pierces it and a 5000lb vehilce is coming down on it it will probably not survive. Also when rock "crawling" you should be crawling not going over 2mph let alone 5-7mph.


  • It is rather difficult to maintain low speeds in a 2X4. No low range and no front wheels to pull you through the rough stuff so speed must be kept high in order to maintain momentum. I'm still not sure as to how your rear control arm was damaged, but it sounds like instead of putting the tire over the rock you tried to put the suspension into it. If you plan on going off-road, I'll suggest knowing where your tires are and putting them on the high spots. I'll also suggest a 4X4 with a low range for more control and less crazy driving.
  • Got a set of fronts (32336 Monroe) and they fit my Amigo just fine. It took 15 min to change both out, verrry easy =)

    Monroe said they hadn't actually tested them on a Amigo so they couldn't recommend them. I kept the original rubber bushings as the Monroe ones were wimpy in comparison. OEM shocks were toast after 30k. Isuzu dealer here swears that the Amigo and Rodeo have totally different part #s for OEM shocks. The fit and ride is great so time to order back ones from a-1 and see if they'll work too.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Well, from experience...if you play hard, trucks can break. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, if you were having fun and you can afford it, stuff happens.

    I agree with paisan, the boulder bars are a good idea. If you are interested in a new truck and like isuzu's, you could probably get great deals on new troopers, at least until they are all gone.
  • I recently purchased a 98 rodeo and it rides really rough. I replaced the shocks with gabriel gas ryders and put on a set of Michelin Cross Terrains and it didn't seem to help. Is there anything else I can do to soften the ride a bit or is this how the rodeo rides?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    If you have too much tire pressure you'll have a stiff ride. Also try Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks. Set to "1" they should be limo soft.

  • Agreed. 5 psi over can give a harsh ride, 5 psi under can be really soft. Just gotta remember that whole Ford/Firestone incident and not run them toooooooooo low or toooooooooooo high. Rodeo123 also, what size tires did you put on? 245/65/16's or what???
  • How many Ply Sidewall do the Michelin Cross Terrains have. I put a set of 265/75/16 BF Goodrich All-Terrains on my Trooper which have a 3 ply sidewall (called Tri-Guard) and my ride went to crap. They are extremely stiff so now I feel every bump in the road. But the trade off is worth it because they are fantastic offroad compared to the stock Bridgestones!
  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    Hi to all,I got my car back from the shop after my fun experience off-roading (see msg 549).
    They fixed everything and they told me that I bent my tail pipe not the control arm, any ways from some reason now my rodeo doesn't stop at all. I almost had 2 wrecks on they way home. My brakes do not make any noise so I'm thinking that there is air in the system, should I get the air out or should replace the pads and rotors? , and does anybody know off any good rotors for rodeos.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The best ones for Isuzus is OEM dealer Pads and Rotors. That is what I'd replace em with. But most likely you just need to bleed the brakes is all.

  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    A lot of people are very happy with the Monroe matic plus having soft ride comfort. Others were also happy that they can maintain speed on bumpy road w/o losing composure. I got mine for about 80 bucks and that was after I replaced my Bilstein because they were too stiff for my taste. Aside from that, the suspension has limited travel. I raised mine fore and aft by 1 inch. Cranked the front torsions and used a home-made spring spacer at the rear.
  • Last month, I took the plunge and joined you guys (and ladies) by buying a '01 Rodeo S (almost an LS, actually considering how it was optioned out.. only thing that I can honesstly say I miss is power mirrors, but I drive it 95% of the time anyway). Paid 500 under invoice and qual'ed for the 0% for 5 year financing, so I feel that I got a fair deal for a leftover.
    I had rented one back in October, ended up having it for 3 weeks since my trip was extended at that time. Never really thought seriously about an SUV prior to that time.
    The 3.2 seems to be a great motor and the ride is quite good. I have about 1100 miles on it so far, and fuel econ is about 18/22.
    Looking forward to good long service
    Mike Jennings
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Welcome to the crew. Check out for lots of info.


  • I put on 245/70/R16.
  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    I just had my brakes bleeded, they got a little better but not much. The shop told that my master cylinder is leaking and that is why my brake pedal is soft. Now, he said that the leak is inside the cylinder, and that I would need to replace it. Now, my Rodeo is 98 and only 62k I would not think that it would brake that soon. Would do you guys think.
  • but sometimes things fail.
  • I just bought a used 2001 rodeo ls. The Toyota dealer that sold it to me decided they needed a couple of items more than me. I am trying to find information on the keyless entry system which my vehicle is equiped with, however I dont have any transmitters for it. (dealer says he didnt get them) Isuzu is realy proud of them. Is there anyone out there can help me, I need the FCC code off the back of another factory transmitter and the number of buttons and layout. With this information I can purchase aftermarket transmitters. Thank you.
    P.S. The dealer also liked the in dash 6 disc cd changer more than me! What is the world coming to.
  • Remote is 3 button (Open/Lock/Panic)

    FCC ID:HYQ1512R

    For the radio and remote try:
    ebay may also have both items but the junkyard route seems to be much cheaper, at least for the CD changer.
  • Does anyone know of any good reliable Isuzu dealers in the Phoenix area to take my Rodeo for factory service or warranty work? I'll be moving there soon. Thanks.
  • Had a minor fender bender this morning. Cracked the front bumper on a 99 LSE 4WD. Anyone else tried a diy project replacing it? Just wondering if it's easy, difficult, etc.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I got the same FCC code ('01 Rodeo LS)
    The layout of the buttons is different on mine - don't know if that matters or not: I got lock then open and then panic.
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