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Isuzu Rodeo



  • Last month, I took the plunge and joined you guys (and ladies) by buying a '01 Rodeo S (almost an LS, actually considering how it was optioned out.. only thing that I can honesstly say I miss is power mirrors, but I drive it 95% of the time anyway). Paid 500 under invoice and qual'ed for the 0% for 5 year financing, so I feel that I got a fair deal for a leftover.
    I had rented one back in October, ended up having it for 3 weeks since my trip was extended at that time. Never really thought seriously about an SUV prior to that time.
    The 3.2 seems to be a great motor and the ride is quite good. I have about 1100 miles on it so far, and fuel econ is about 18/22.
    Looking forward to good long service
    Mike Jennings
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Welcome to the crew. Check out for lots of info.


  • I put on 245/70/R16.
  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    I just had my brakes bleeded, they got a little better but not much. The shop told that my master cylinder is leaking and that is why my brake pedal is soft. Now, he said that the leak is inside the cylinder, and that I would need to replace it. Now, my Rodeo is 98 and only 62k I would not think that it would brake that soon. Would do you guys think.
  • but sometimes things fail.
  • I just bought a used 2001 rodeo ls. The Toyota dealer that sold it to me decided they needed a couple of items more than me. I am trying to find information on the keyless entry system which my vehicle is equiped with, however I dont have any transmitters for it. (dealer says he didnt get them) Isuzu is realy proud of them. Is there anyone out there can help me, I need the FCC code off the back of another factory transmitter and the number of buttons and layout. With this information I can purchase aftermarket transmitters. Thank you.
    P.S. The dealer also liked the in dash 6 disc cd changer more than me! What is the world coming to.
  • Remote is 3 button (Open/Lock/Panic)

    FCC ID:HYQ1512R

    For the radio and remote try:
    ebay may also have both items but the junkyard route seems to be much cheaper, at least for the CD changer.
  • Does anyone know of any good reliable Isuzu dealers in the Phoenix area to take my Rodeo for factory service or warranty work? I'll be moving there soon. Thanks.
  • Had a minor fender bender this morning. Cracked the front bumper on a 99 LSE 4WD. Anyone else tried a diy project replacing it? Just wondering if it's easy, difficult, etc.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I got the same FCC code ('01 Rodeo LS)
    The layout of the buttons is different on mine - don't know if that matters or not: I got lock then open and then panic.
  • The bumper is easy to get on and off. Takes about 15 mins. Make sure you didn't bend any brackets and the such. If your looking for a new bumper try the guys at and used try

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    When I replaced my Trooper's bumper, I needed to use a pipe on the end of my 3/8" ratchet to intitially break the bolts lose. I went and got breaker bar and larger sockets to complete the job. You may want to invest the $15 at sears if it seems like you can't get the bolts lose.
  • I installed a 12 disc cd changer last year and it's working great. I got the system (12 disk changer and dash unit with cassette) off Ebay for $180. Granted, the CD changer is a refurb, but that doesn't bother me. I couldn't find another deal to touch this anywhere.

  • This message is primarily for you other procrastinators out there. If your gas mileage seems to have fallen off, check your air filter. I replaced mine last week before heading out of town for the weekend. The change in both mileage and power (maybe this part was just in my head) was dramatic. Granted, this was mostly highway mileage, but I added nearly 100 miles to a tank of gas. Now, back in the swing in town, I'm guessing the improvement on comparable driving miles is 50-60 miles per tank.

    I also try to add a bottle of Techron (or similar fuel system cleaner) to my tank after getting an oil change. The combination of the air filter (Fram) and the fuel system cleaner has made a noticeable difference.

    So, if you're like me and don't think about checking your air filter very often, you probably need to go ahead and check it and replace it.

  • kramkram Posts: 1
    I purchased a new rodeo in 98 and had these repairs just after the warranty went out.
    1, Main bearing in transmission went out... $1500
    2. Clutch $800
    Priot to these repairs, I had a tire rotate that cost $298 because 4 lugnuts broke of the studs during a routine tire rotate. The tires needed replaced some 10,000 miles later, and Sam's Club and a Texaco Station said they would be glad to
    sell me tires but would not install them becarse isuzu products have "soft" studs and they would not be responsible
    for the repair. I then took the Rodeo to the dealership in Upper Marlboro where I purchased the Vehicle and they
    wanted $140 to install new tires and denied and problems with the studs. The problem is when a stud breaks of the
    rotors have to be removed to replace them. When I contacted isuzu head quarters they denied the problem. Four mounths ago the transfer case went out ($1500) and I traded it in on a Honda. The tradin was low because ot it's poor
    reputation. Honda's last year fof the Passport is 2002 because of all the problems and bad press.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Had no more problems, and in fact far less than the Escape, also a new vehicle. So the moral of the story? Don't buy the first year a vehicle is out. Plain and simple. Honda isn't dropping the passport because of poor quality (check CR, even they rate Isuzu just as high as Honda and Yoda for reliability) they are dropping it cause they are building the CAR based Pilot which fits the demographic of a Honda buyer better than a TRUCK based frame vehicle.

  • Well, no matter what people say that you don't have to warm up your car before driving off, I do now. Big big difference. I noticed less oil consumption, better mileage, and better power, smoother running engine, less noise, better ride too (can't explain it).

    Before, I used to drive off even if the temp gauge says it's not warm yet and the engine felt clumsy even after the engine warmed up later down the road.

    Next to buy, aftermarket remote starter. I gues Clifford is a good brand.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I can't get my temp guage to lift off of the "c" until I actually drive it. But I let it warm up for about 1 minute and then drive under 4K rpms until the needle rises off C

  • Of course it never hurts to have synthetic flowing through your engine on those cold mornings! I'm in Alabama and hate starting my car in the sorta-cold weather we have here. I can't imagine what damage is caused by starting and driving right away w/no warmup in places where it really gets cold!
  • Paisan, I used to do what you mentioned but I noticed big improvement when warming to operating temp before moving off. I guess this particular engine ('99 Passport) does not run at optimum performance unless properly warmed. I read somewhere that various engine parts are made of different types of metal with there own different degrees of thermal expansions. Unless the engine is at operating temperature some of the parts may not have lined up properly that may lead to cracks (on rare instances). The pistons may not have expanded properly causing insufficient compression and high oil consumption.

    Just my 2 cents.
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