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imageIs a Separate Design Studio in Infiniti's Future?

A separate design studio is on Infiniti's wish list, said Johan de Nysschen, president of Infiniti, in a recent Edmunds interview.

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    I think Infiniti has a brand identity and customer experience problem more than a product issue. In the last several years I have owned a BMW, Acura, and now an Infiniti. Although the product (G37x) has mostly met expectations, the dealer/ownership experience has been far far inferior to the Acura and BMWs I've owned. Although the people who work at the dealership are "nice", their systems and competencies are best. I feel like I know more about my car than the highly inexperienced service writers....and then the cost of the service is very expensive for what you get. Other luxury/near luxury dealers offer free car washes, airport delivery, and donuts and coffee when waiting on service. Infiniti...nothing. Even the local Hyundai dealer offers this. An Infiniti is not an MB....but it's also NOT a KIA. Johan, if you're reading this I might suggest you have some folks "secret shop" your dealerships to evaluate "after the sale" might be shocked. I like the look of the new Q50.....but it will likely not be on my shopping list.
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