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imageMajority of Kia Dealers Won't Be Selling 2015 K900 Luxury Flagship

Less than 30 percent of Kia's U.S. dealers will sell the new 2015 Kia K900 luxury car.

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  • faztang1_faztang1_ Member Posts: 3
    This whole idea is going to fail miserably. What person in the market for a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi is ever going to cross shop a KIA?
    Especially one that is called the K900. Worst car name ever? The K9/Dog jokes are gonna fly with with this one. KIA should have taken baby steps with maybe a 40K semi luxury car before going in to the 60K plus zone.
    And don't even bring up the Hyundai Eqqus., Kia has a perception of being a more econo brand than Hyundai.
  • jdubbs115_jdubbs115_ Member Posts: 4
    faztang1, Kia already has a 40K semi luxury car, and it's in Edmunds' LT fleet: the Cadenza. That car has technically been around for 5 years now, just not in the US. Kia has been very happy with the sales so far, so there's no real business case for them to NOT launch the K900. Remember, this car is already 2 years old, so they already have two years of experience working with customers and their expectations in other markets. Remember, the goal is to elevate the brand image, not sales supremacy. Think long term!
  • lions208487lions208487 Member Posts: 240
    @faztang- While I agree that MB, BMW, and Audi buyers will probably raise their nose to a Kia, there will be plenty of buyers that will spend there money on a new K900. I see plenty of Equus vehicles in and around Woodland Hills, CA. The Genesis sedan sel
  • piredonpiredon Member Posts: 50
    Actually sat in one at the Syracuse auto show recently. Other than the chrome wheels and the cheap looking Kia steering wheel, it was a well-executed piece. Much better than I expected, though I've not actually driven it. If they offer loaner cars and a lease payment that's competetive with similarly priced cars (we're talking 5 series/A6/E Class pricing, so 600-700 per month), I'd at least consider one.
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