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imageChrysler Group Shakes Up Future Vehicle Strategy

Chrysler Group told analysts on Wednesday that it plans to add five additional Fiat models to its U.S. portfolio and that it has canceled several Fiat-based models that had been slated to be sold in the United States as Chryslers and Dodges.

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  • wackfordwackford Member Posts: 41
    The larger Jeep sounds most interesting. Especially if they are going to look into diesel engines for it. Something along the lines of a Durango, but with more off-road worthiness and a diesel engine along the lines of what is to be coming to the Grand Cherokee. Now, that would get me into a Jeep dealer pretty darned smartish.
  • beecee1beecee1 Member Posts: 8
    Chrysler Lost Me When They Decided To Make Ram & SRT Separate Brands. They Took The Best Part Of Dodge OUT Of Dodge. If You Think About It, Ram Is Still Being Branded As Dodge Which Makes No Sense Especially If You Plan To Add More Models To The Lineup. And To Add To the Disappointment Of The Viper No Longer Being Under Dodge, They're Also Considering To Do The Same With The Challenger! WHY ARE YOU GUYS TAKING ALL THE GOOD CARS AWAY FROM THE DODGE BRAND!?!?!? Dodge Has A History Of Good Performance Cars And Now Fiat Wants To Screw That Up. I'm All For The SRT Barracuda, But PLEASE Keep The Dodge Challenger As Well!!!
  • beecee1beecee1 Member Posts: 8
    They Can Keep The Dodge Challenger As Ranging From Base Model To R/T And Have The New SRT 'Cuda As Its Upscale Performance Twin Model Since It's Right Up The Viper's Alley. Keep The Dodge Caravan And Give The Chrysler Town & Country The New Crossover Model. Since They're Trying To Give The New Minivan A "Sexier" Image, The Caravan Will Offer Wider Trim Level Options Ranging From Sporty To Luxury (Yes, I Like The Caravan Too. Don't Judge Me Lol), So Keeping The Minivan Under Dodge Will Work Better That Way. And From What I Understand In The Article, It Looks Like We're Stuck With The Sebring-In-Disguise For A Few More Years!!! *MAJOR SMH*
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