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imageNavigation Tech Checklist for Car Shoppers

Use this Edmunds Tech Checklist while shopping to determine if a car's GPS navigation system has the functionality and features you want.

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    One item missing from all your In-Dash Navigation articles is the ability to find or enter Point of Interests while the car is moving. There is a wide variety of capabilities in the few navigation systems I've seen from no ability at all to partial functionality (several predefined menus/sub-menus - but no screen scrolling on a Nissan Altima) to full capability once a setting is set (on a Garmin). To me (and apparently many others based on the blogs I've read) this is becoming a deal breaker on a vehicle purchase. I know there are legal concerns, but why does capability vary so widely from manufacturer to manufacturer? Also at a minimum, the ability for the driver to voice enter a POI request should be available on all systems. Also why can't the pressure sensor on the passenger seat be used to override any POI request lock out so that the passenger can have full access to POI requests. Finally, solving these issues along with much easier to read Nav systems (mostly through much larger screen sizes with much better anti-glare coating or full sunlight displays and better layouts) would go a long way to achieve less distracted driving without severely limiting capability.
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