2012 Honda CR-V Long Term Road Test

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    It's like a ghost town here.
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    Good info, but I think you have the steps for returning the seats to their upright positions backwards. Looking at your pictures, it appears that you'd have to put the seatbacks up first, then put the cushion back. This type of fold-down mechanism isn't uncommon, and has both good and bad points to it.

    The good- with the seat cushion flipping forward, the seatback lays flatter, allowing for more useable area, seats down, and a flatter load floor.

    The bad- most of the vehicles I've owned or driven that had the seat cushion flip forward have inevitably resulted in a limit to how far back the front seats could be positioned when the rear seats were down. Taller drivers, or paranoid (of the airbag) types, such as my wife, who might have the seat positioned further to the rear, have to move their seat forward to accommodate the folded back seats.

    I like the one pull lever for either side in the rear hatch a lot though!
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