2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Long-Term Road Test

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image2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Long-Term Road Test

The sliding center lid on our 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG jammed again.

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  • zimtheinvaderzimtheinvader Member Posts: 580
    noooooo, I thought if MB had built the Tesla S it would be flawless because their cars are all perfect (at least according to some that commented on its problems). Well, at least it is a cheap MB that is having the problem....
  • quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    Mark Takahashi is a man of few words. In your "edited re-broadcast" at least, or whatever you called it. I really don't feel like hitting the "Back to article" button just to check....
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    Been there, done that, and that's why I have a little combo lock to use with the gym's lockers now.
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