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image2012 Toyota Prius c Long Term Road Test

Its strong performance on our recent list spotlighting the top 10 least expensive hybrids serves to underline one of the Prius C's primary strengths: its affordable price.

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  • noburgers_noburgers_ Member Posts: 79
    I just saw one in orange--what a hideous car--it looked like a safety cone swallowed a mini cooper
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    When hybrids became suddenly chic several years ago, almost nobody was buying them because of a favorable long-term cost-benefit analysis. People bought them as status symbols: "I am displaying that I am more environmentally conscious than you." That's why the Prius sold like hotcakes while other hybrids sat on the lots. Its looks were just quirky enough to be immediately recognizable (and thus useful as a symbol) but not so strange as to seem alien.
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