04 Chevy Impala problems

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So I bought a used 04 Impala (Base model) about 8 months ago and its been nothing but trouble. I've already put soo much money into it i just figure its best to rebuild it at this point because there's no way i'd get even close to what i've put into it back. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with each problem and let me know how much it costs to fix each? So here's the rundown...
What's been done:
-Used transmission swap(starting with that because i'll be coming back to that)-3 months ago
-New front left axle-3 months ago
-New tires-1 month ago
-New left mirror- 5 months ago
-Oil change-5 months ago
-New front struts-2 months ago
-Dashboard replacement(Guys couldnt fix the temp and gas gauge and replace dashboard with used one)-5 months ago
- New Reverese Light-4 months ago
And there's probably a couple other small things i cant think of at the moment.

What's still wrong:
-Tramsmission. Guy at AAMCO said he's confident that it's the pressure control solenoid because the transmission itself looks fine. As for what's wrong, It slips when changing gears like when accelerating. If you ease into each gear it's possible for the problem to be avoided, but this is the ongoing problem from both tranny's. It also stalls when accelerating such as when driving on the highway. Something else i noticed but didnt really pay any mind to is that when switiching from drive to reverse or vice-versa it clicks once you start moving and then clicks again when you change the gear.
-Left turn signal. This one isnt really a problem because it happened once and stopped the next day and hasnt been a problem since. The turn signal started to blink rapidly both on the dashboard and on the outside light. Curious to know if it's something more.
-Back struts I THINK!!!- PLEASE HELP ME!!! OTHER THAN THE TRANSMISSION THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM!!! THE RATTLING I HEAR FROM THE BACK LEFT AND RIGHT STRUTS IS KILLING ME!!! I'm not sure if it's actually the struts thats making the rattling sound but the guy who put in the new front struts said that was the problem. Even the slightest of bumbs causes them to rattle and the sound drives me insane on top of the slipping gears from the faulty transmission!
-Mirriors. NOw THIS ONE ANGERS ME THE MOST! when i bought the car the left mirrior was in terrible shape, BUT at least I could use the button to automatically adjust the mirrors on both sides as i pleased. Now that this mechanic has installed the new mirror, I cannot adjust either mirrors using the button. He told me that it's a shortage and I would need to buy the new piece but I know for a fact he had to have just left the damn thing unplugged. Any incite?
-Tire sensors. Last but not least. As I stated I just purchased brand new tires a month ago and the tires I had were worn to the extreme but at the same time they were filled up perfectly. So i know it's just the sensors, but any idea for the cost to fix?
Thanks for reading and any help! I know it's lengthy but I need to express these problems to someone other than mechanics that clearly have been scamming me for each of these problems.

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    Lol thanks man. If you haven't guessed this is my first car. It's a nightmare but she's my baby! Yea as you can see I am a bit mechanically inclined but I appreciate all your help! From what I've told you what do you think might be the problem with the tranny and the rattling? My friend has a guy that does competitive pricing on transmission work so I wanted to check him out before I go to aamco but from what the guy at aamco told me he said the computer has reached the max lvl in which it will compensate for the problem. And he's confident that it's the PCS and that it'd run around $920. He also told me the back struts were worn but fine and it might be the strut mount that is causing the rattling. And incite?

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    I appreciate all you help and can't thank you enough. I'm checking those websites now for parts.

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