Grinding sound when shifting from park/reverse. Chevy Impala.

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Just got the pressure control solenoid replaced with a new one in my 04 chevy impala. Now she shifts like a dream. No more hard shifts or stalling when accelerating. Problem now is whenever I shift from park or reverse to drive it makes a grinding noise for about 2 seconds when I start accIelerating. It only makes this noise when I first shift out of park/reverse to drive. And I never had this problem before the PCS was replaced. Can anyone tell me what's wrong and the severity of the issue?


  • gmhotman5gmhotman5 Member Posts: 6
    Any incite will help guys! I was going to make a cross-state trip Thursday night! Really need to know if it'd be best to just get a bus ticket before it's too late or if the situation itself is minor and I can take care of it when I get home!
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    @gmhotman5, try cross-posting in Edmunds Answers too. Same log in info as on the forums.
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    @stever giving it a try now. thanks man
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