Continental tires. Honda Odyssey.

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Just posted review on our new 2014 Odyssey.What a let down !! Continental tires that came on it have 8500 kms. are shot ,three days ago we traveled out of town for 2 hrs. At about 90 kms. they started the wash board affect the noise from this almost made my 10yr.old that was in the third row sick from the sound &vibration. .I have contacted service at our dealer . I was told tires most likely needs a balance?? Sorry heard that one before!! Even over the phone I got the bad feeling that this is a common problem with the tires.Honda knows it and will play hard ball instead of just replacing them. But I am only speculating because (I am disappointed??) , we have never dealt with this dealer before. After the years of hell we went through with the 05 SV6 and GM. I am hoping that this will be rectified quickly. I had a serious problem when the van arrived with the Continental tires .This was one of the first of many issues we had with the Montana SV6 & I was forced to replace those Continental tires at 12000 kms at my own expense. Should of never left the lot with out the Michelin tires being installed. Lets hope Honda stands behind their product more that GM .Sure hope this ends in a positive review!!


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    You let them put Continentals back on??? Hope they did it under warranty. You would have been far better off with Yokohama AVID Ascend tires. 75,000 mile warranty!!!

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    No!! Still waiting to hear if the will give me the Michelin tires. Noway am I going to let them d#@K me around on a van that I have paid this kind of $$$$$ for.I have a friend that has a tire shop and they will not even install the CONTINENTAL CONTIPRO CONTACT!!!!!! Tires because of all the problems.All ready have priced the Hankook tires that I have had really good luck with.

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    We just picked up a 2015 EXL that had the Continentals. I'm getting vibration at 60 and road noise. Also some slipping on slightly wet pavement. Never had any problems with our other vans/suvs that came with Michelins.
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