Fuel gauge problems - Camry

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Filled the gas tank as full as I could get it. Done this many times. Now the fuel gauge is stuck on (F) full. Anyone have this problem? How did you fix it?


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    You should never top off any car today, and this is especially true for a Toyota. The problem is you can force liquid fuel into the evaporative emissions system and damage the carbon canister. Usually overfilling doesn't impact the performance of the fuel level sending unit, but depending on how large of a vapor chamber that should have been remaining with a normal fill-up it may just be taking longer than you would expect for the fuel level according to the gage to start to drop. How far have you driven since filling up?
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    Same thing happened with my dad's 2002 Camry. Needle stick on full. Had problem diagnosed at dealership. They ran  diagnostics ordered part ($340 to install). Now he sees needle starting to drop with car being run, But says needle doesn't drop to empty when engine shut off. Thoughts?
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