Extended warranty worth it?

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Had a question about the extended warranty ... offered me 7 yrs/100000 miles for just under 2k for my newly bought 2014 cr-v ex-l (financed).  I didn't purchase it with my 2003 accord ex-l and looking back never needed it.  however worried with all the added electrical aspects that it might be worth buying?


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    I would "sleep" on it. For about three years. Long enough for you to get a feel for the car and whether it's going to be as reliable as your Accord was, while it's still under warranty. Unless something has changed you should still be able to get the extended warranty from a Honda dealer until the basic warranty runs out.

    There might be a perk or two if you buy it now (loaner cars, perhaps, or better roadside coverage), but mostly you will be duplicating the factory warranty for quite a while. A lot can happen before the factory warranty runs out - like an accident or perhaps it'll turn into the rare lemon.

    If you think you still want the coverage right now, counter with a low price, like half. There's a lot of mark-up in extended warranties. And I personally wouldn't consider anything but the Honda backed one.
  • If you decide to go with the Honda Care, you could buy this Genuine Honda Care Warranty online from one of the Honda dealers such as Sacucci, Hyannis Auto or Bernardi dealers for significantly low prices. You can find more details about these folks by doing a quick search in this forum. You just need to fill in few details and submit a button and they will send you a quote with all the rate details for all the plans they sell in just few mins. If you are going ahead go with the 0 deductible plan. Good Luck.
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    Thanks @mrsunny2014, good to hear that you can still get the Honda ones online. Others (like Toyota) can apparently only be purchased in person at dealers.
  • For Lexus which is part of Toyota, I was able to shop and get quotes for various extended warranty plans in 2012, It was almost similar to Honda as far as I remember. I am not sure if the rules have changed in the last 2 years..
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    This post says the rules have changed for Toyota, but it's still worth trying.
  • Can anyone confirm if the Honda Care warranty quotes that I received for Honda Civic also apply to Honda Civic Hybrid?
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    The Hybrid is much more complex and the warranty will be more expensive!
  • The Hybrid is much more complex and the warranty will be more expensive!

    Thank you. Yes, I have gotten the quotes for both Civics and the Hybrid prices are $100 more...

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