Keyless Entry No Longer Working and Battery Isn't Dead

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All of the sudden the remote to my 2009 Subaru Outback stopped working. The car doesn't respond at all. I mentioned this when I had the car in for service and they tested my remote. They detected a signal that it was sending out so that means something is wrong on the car side and the remote appears to be functioning fine. Unfortunately I only have 1 remote (bought the car used). I didn't have them look any further into it because they admitted that they had no idea what the problem could be and it would take time to investigate. Does anyone have suggestions for things to try or what the problem could be? Thank you


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    One good place to start is the Keyless Entry control module since none of the door locks are apparently working when you try to activate the fob.

    I sent you a diagram of the location of this module but I haven't yet found any info on how to test it. It would be a somewhat expensive guess unless you could score a used one online. It doesn't look like it takes much to swap it out however.

    If you have the owner's manual, check to see if any fuses or circuit breakers might be involved in this system.
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