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imageGas Sippers Nudge Gas Guzzlers to the Side, Report Says |

A new report from the University of Michigan says that gas guzzlers are on the decline and are running on empty.

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    Its nice to be retired now and not worry about gas prices or mileage figures. My winter vehicle is a 15 mpg Jeep Commander, big, roomy and mean on snow with a luxurious ride on the high way. I only use it during the winter about 2000 miles a year. Our cruise car in the summer is a older vette and surprisingly it returns 25 on the highway and 20 locally and another 2500 miles during the good days of summer. Our trip vehicle is a Optima SX turbo 274 hp and very fun to drive and its a 10k mile year round trip car that gets its EPA number of 34 highway and 26 combined. Our last car is a decade old Hyundai Elantra 150k and still looking like a new car with a lot of car and pre maintenance excellence. Around town our errand mall and in the city car gets 33 highway and 25 combined and fits our 2000 mile needs well. 4 vehicles for different uses and as we retired people say, who cares about gas mileage anyway.
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