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Lincoln LS Transmission Problems



  • alpine7alpine7 Posts: 1
    Had to have the transmissions shift solenoids replaced at 69000 miles (on a well maintained vehicle) to correct a very hard shift from 1st to 2nd. It appears as if this is not an uncommon problem with this transmission and a very costly unexpected repair. Ford Motor Co indicated there is no monetary assistance offered for this problem as there is no recall.

    The tranny does shift effortlessly after the repair.

    Does anyone know of a recall for this problem or a way to have the bill reduced?
  • May I ask how much was the repair and where are you located? I have similar shifting issues and would like some insight.

  • jerry176jerry176 Posts: 1
    Hey mrjwk,
    I have a 2005 Lincoln LS. How much did it cost you to replace the solenoid pack and what were the symtoms leading up to your trans problem.

    Thanks, Jerry
  • hyanghyang Posts: 4
    I have a lincoln ls 2004 v6 car. The engine stalled twice when I stopped quickly at a red light signal. I had to push to P and restart the engine once. The engine light is not on and I did not feel it is the misfire problem. Another thing, each time I change from D to R, I can feel my car a little shake (if I do it slowly, the car don't shake). And sometimes when I push the gas a lot when the signal turns green I heard a big noise which sounds like the gear is not matched. I drove to the lincoln dealer to check the engine problem and they took 3 days and they they can't find any problem about the engine but they found the transmission problem. They performed electronic tranmission diagnosis and said EEC test KOEO pass CONT PASS KOER pass. They told me : the transmission fluid level OK and fluid is varnished. They also do a road test and told me: transmission neutralizes AHEN coming to a stop and shifts erratic also makes whning noise on acceleration from torque converter. They suggest me to change the transmission which will cost 3,700 $. I don't want to pay that so I came here to ask for help. This is my first car and I like it.

    Thank you
  • I have a 2003 LS V6 which I got in 2004 that has started shifting hard in all gears. I have 79,150 miles on it. No lights are on I took it to a transmission shop and they said that there is nothing wrong with my transmission and that it must be a computer problem. They recommended that I see a electrical person. In March of this year it was linking oil so I spent $1300.00 dollars with that. I won't go into what I spent last year and the year before smh. But I think I am done spending my money.
  • I would also like to know the cost. I don't drive my car for fear of doing some major damage.
  • I am having the problems smh. I need some advice too 03 LS V6 79,150K.
  • linconl02linconl02 Posts: 2
    edited February 2013
    i have a 02 lincoln ls v8 ,,,the trans stop working,,, i play wit the celenoids pack fuse the first time and it ran good ,and the next day y start the car put it in gear and nothin again,,i play wit the fuse but nothing happen,,i put a new selenoid pack,new trans oil,new trans filter and still not woking,,, ???? cant somebody help wit any ideas,,, evebody is telin me the trans is good you have a electrical probles,,,,someone help,,thankssssssss :confuse:
  • :sick:
  • jr129jr129 Posts: 1
    I have a problem that maybe someone can give me some advice. My daughter recently purchased a nice 2002 LS with about 100K on the engine and transmission. The transmission light will come on after you run the car for a little while and you have high RPM (3000+) at higher speeds. It is as if the car will not shift into the higher gears. This does not happen all the time and the shifting is smooth when the car operates normally. I have had it in for repairs my local transmission shop. The initial diagnostic tests showed that one or more of the solenoids were bad and they have been replaced. It was then thought the electrical harness was bad and a new (used) one was purchased and installed. Then a new module for the computer (not sure what this is) was installed. The transmission mechanics are convinced this is still an electrical and not mechanical problem, but they are now scratching their heads as to what it could be???? I am already into this repair for $1,300 and I still have the original problem. Anyone have any ideas (other than going to another transmission shop - already under consideration). Thanks.
  • 1silverfox1silverfox Posts: 1
    don-t let shade tree mo-chanics work on ur car period. The cooling fan works with a fluid container make sure that is within the proper level. Next air bubbles in the cooling system will cause overheating their are two bleeder valves one near the coolant bottle and the other under the air intake -remove the air intake and you will see it with the car running open both vales and let the fluid drain until a steady flow this will relieve the air in the system. once accomplished close off the valves and add fluid to the proper levels. Caution use a hose and containers to drain as the fluid will damage rubber parts and hoses.
  • oldstabbyoldstabby Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    I have a 01 LS with a speed sensor issue that may be computer related. The sensor reads within spec for ohms. I checked the sensor feedback waveform with a O-scope to verify operation (VSS, ISS and TSS) All the sensors provided feedback with sinusoidal waveforms that varied with RPMs at the different spots in the trans. Still with a scanner the vehicle measures 0 MPH. The speedo in the car works fine. Still the trans is inoperative in D. No reverse or 5th. Can get other gears in manual. Can the input from the computer be dead? Any way to verify? Any help will be appreciated. I do get the proper reading from the computer for the Turbine Speed Sensor. There was no way to measure the Intermediate Speed Sensor.
  • I'm having the same problem with my lincoln ls. When my car starts with the high rmp I just pull over and turn off the car and on and its back to normal. I just had the solenoids changed and the car has gotten worse. I also believe it can b and electrical problem. If you find out what's the cause b4 I do please let me know.
  • This morning I was driving my 02 lincoln LS8 and it was doing ok, I made a stop to get gas and then started back down the road my car started acting up and wouldn't shift. I looked down and the it said "E" and in the info ctr it said ck transmission. I pulled over, shut the engine off and let it set for about 1 minute, then i dropped it manually into 1st and then shifted it up to D5, when i babied it it would go back to normal, when i got relaxed and started driving again normally it blinked back into the "E" mode. As long as I babied it I could drive it, but if I tried to drive it normally it would do the "E" mode. What is going on and how or what do I do. NOW I when I say drive normally,I am NOT driving crazy, but I do drive around 70-75 on the interstate, but I don't drive my car hard, just normal. I should mention that this morning is the coldest morning that we've had in probably 5 years, I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I need to know what to do. Thanks

  • jay556jay556 Posts: 3

    Getting the following codes on my 2004 LS. I think emission codes were there before - Ford dealer said problem with catalytic converter and suggested not bothering with. As for the others I am seeking a solution. Symptoms are waning power and also does really jerk into reverse gear. Also, "E" symbol just came up. Any ideas on what the problem might be based on the codes? Could it be just be an electrical/sensor problem or something? Thank you!

    Powertrain - Auxilliary Emission Controls - ISO/SAE Controlled P0403 - Exhaust gas re circulation "A" control circuit P0443 - Evaporative emission system purge control valve circuit P0446 - EVAP system canister vent solenoid fault conditions

    Powertrain - Transmission - ISO/SAE Controlled P0743 - Torque converter clutch circuit electrical P0755 - Shift solenoid 2 circuit conditions P0760 - Shift solenoid 3 circuit conditions P0962 - Pressure control solenoid "A" control circuit low P0966 - Pressure control solenoid "B" control circuit low P0970 - Pressure control solenoid "B" control circuit low

  • I have a 2003 LS V6. 170,000 miles. The tranny just started a hard shift from 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4 it slips. took it to the local Ford dealership, they say the solenoid pack has to be replaced for the hard shift and the computer has to replaced for the slippage. This is all diagnosed without removing the pan. The said if they pull the pan and there is metal all bets are off. I'm trying to determine whether it is worth fixing this car. I've spent around 4,000 this year on this car for suspension and manifold issues.

    Based on what I'm seeing here and on other forums a lot of the time the replacement of these parts don't fx the issue.

    Anyone got their tranny fixed to their satisfaction?
  • Desperate need for help!!!
    i have a 2001 lincoln ls v8 I bought the car for a great price knowing it had this problem but I cannot figure it out. The engine runs perfect but not the same for the trans. When you put it into reverse you feel it go into gear, but it will barely move no matter how much you rev it. If you put it in d5 it does the same thing you can feel it go into gear but barely will move, if you pull it down into d1 it will go into gear then it will jerk again and you can go but you have to manually switch gears, they all work fine but you have to shift manually. When you get goin down the highway and you go to pass some one and get on it a little it will slip out of gear and you have to pull it down to d4 till it goes back into gear???   And it sound like the bearing in like a pully is going bad but it sounds like it's coming from the bell housing? And it was saying check transmission so I ran the codes and there were only two there was the output shaft sensor no signal. I changed it and no more check transmission or E on dash. The other was a p0840. 
  • I have a Lincoln LS and have tranny problems. The reverse does not work and the tranny will not shift automatically. We have to put it in 1st gear, wait for it go engage which wen it does it clunks hard. Once in 1st we can go but we still have to shift it manually. Going from 2nd to 3rd it will pause a bit longer then shifting into other gears. Once in 5th gear, it is fine but if it needs to shift down it will just fall out of gear and rev up until you manually shift it down. They say the tranny needs replaced but we don't agree. It will shift manually so here are our thought. Either the computer is sending a too high RPM or the springs or valves. Does anyone have anyother ideas? We dont want to spend the money on a new tranny when that probably is not the answer

    did you ever find out what was wrong I'm having the exact same problem Pls help???
  • cfr1976cfr1976 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 ls v8, had to have the transmission replaced, the new one would not shift right, they tried replacing the shift solenoids on the new tranny, it still didn't shift right, the transmission place just put in another tranny, both rebuilt, and it doesn't work right, sifting hard, no 4th gear. is there some computer issue with these cars that could be effecting the tranny?
  • kkalldaykkallday Posts: 3
    Notice to all Lincoln LS owners if u are experiencing problems with ur ls and has had a safety concern please file a complaint to 18883274236. In order to get a recall on this vehicle people need to file a complaint. I am a proud owner of a 02 Lincoln LS 3.9 v8 and I myself have filed a complaint to get an investigation started to possible get recalls on this vehicle the more complaints the better. I love my car but it’s breaking my bank. Something needs to be done about this. If we all ban together and let it be known the issues with the tranny and shifting and vehicle shutting down while driving hopefully ford will issue a recal that will save us Lincoln LS owners lots of money. Thanks kate
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