2012 Mercedes Benz E350 4 Matic Negotiation!!!!! Please Help ASAP

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Hey everyone! Here is my situation Dealership A and Dealership B


I just prematurely bought (I'm 25 cut me some slack) a 2012 E350 22.3K miles (no perks basically "feature less") for 34.9K out the door. I'm going to return it back. I have had for a week and 3 days.They will take it back for 31k. That's fine, I'll take the loss because I want the other car.

The car I wanted has just arrived. It's the same year color but has all the features of parktronic, lane assistant, blind spot help, and pano roof with 16.5K miles. They have it listed at 38999 ( said they can try to do 38.5K out the door, I said no, they said how about 38K out the door, I then asked for 37k out the door). I asked to trade in my E350 I just bought for 32k, they are only going to give me 28K for it. Giving me the run around of is it really worth the value and being at the auction, having to re-certify it BLAH BLAH BLAH Come to find out after looking online after leaving,they have my same car that I am trying to get rid off listed at 36999 (CPO) with 37k miles on it !!!! BUT THEY DON'T KNOW THAT I KNOW THAT. That's a crazy mark up

My purchase: 34.9k / 22.3k Miles all together
My same car that I'm trying to get rid of: 36.9k / 37k Miles. ( plus fees) =38k
The one that I want is listed at: 38999 (without fees)

HELP: I feel like I can press them more for a lower price. They are starting to move a little bit. Any advice you can offer me will help greatly!!!! I will be going back there today and the cars salesman will be getting back to me about asking for 37k out the door. Trying to get the best deal here!!!


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    Instant Market Value is: $36,861 for one that is going for 38999 (without fees)
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    What do you think of offering a trade with the car you're trying to get rid of starting in the range of a $4-5k difference OTD? Be prepared to walk, in which case I'd sell it back to the original dealer and take your loss, then go from there.
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    $28k is a fair trade-in, so I can understand that number. What I don't understand is having to recertify it. I know that at least with BMW (and many other manufacturers), once it is CPO, it is CPO. It doesn't lose that certification when it changes hands again.

    If dealer A will take it back for $31k, I would go that route. Yup, its a $4k loss, but it is what it is. Now, on the new car, the miles are great. The only extra it has that translates into real used-car value is the roof, though. If the tables were reversed and you were trying to trade in car B, they'd be offering you $30k for it, at best.

    I don't know what your OTD numbers equate to, since I don't know tax and tags where you live. If that were here in NJ, $37k OTD would be approximately $34k negotiated price for the car, which is pretty good for a CPO Benz with $30k trade value.

    SO, taking a $4k hit on car A and then paying $34k for car B. You'll have yourself one expensive CPO Benz. Enjoy!

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    If you can afford the hit, sell it back and buy the car you want, and chalk up the loss to hasty decisionmaking. Life is too short to be stuck in something that will be giving you second thoughts and regrets. Personally, I find a base E to be nice but boring - the toys make the car a lot more interesting. If car B has P2, it is pretty loaded, and you'll probably enjoy it more. P2 is a dealbreaker for me on 2013 and before E.
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