Which one to get between ML 350 and FX35?

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Hello everyone,
I am an owner of a BMW X5 2005 and want to change and get a slightly more powerful one. I am thinking about the Fx35 2008. I love it, love the sound, the look. I recently saw the ML350 2008 with a friend, I liked it. I loved the inside look more, and I am an older owner of a benz (CLK) with no problem (not like the X5). This two cars are my last 2 choises, as they fit in my budget (used but saw each of them in the used cars section of each specific dealer).
I drive them on a basis of 50% of the time on highways and mountains and 50% in stop and go traffic. I want to know if is there anyone of you who owned both or tested both or know anything about them. Every advice is needed and welcomed.
I also need to know between this two cars who has the best fuel consumption ? because on the internet I see that they have the same fuel consumption but in the market the dealers say no. and comparing to my X5 , does anyone know how will be the fuel consumption with the new cars ? the maintenance cost ? reliability ? etc.
I am lost now, I really don't know what to choose.
Thank you


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    any help ???
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    It's very difficult to give advice like this since we don't know you and how you drive and what you really value in a vehicle.  Everything you could want to know about gas mileage, etc is on the web for these model years.  Drive both and get the one that speaks to you.  They both are likely very good cars and either will serve you well.
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    Hello, thank you for your answer. Yes I asked about gas mileage because on the internet they are saying something and dealers told me the opposite, it is why i am confused.
    In my country it is likely impossible to go to a dealer and ask for a drive if it is a used car (because of the socio-politic instability). I would like to, but it s not possible till now.
    It is why i am searching an owner of both vehicule to tell me more about reliability, power, acceleration, deceleration and every comment i can have.
    I owned lot of cars in the past, some obliged me to go every week to repair something and others not.
    but seems no one is here for advising as an owner :disappointed:
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