Buick Century 2001 intake manifold

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My car is a 2001 Buick Century Limited, 4dr sedan, 6cyl automatic. Original miles on this car are 61,250 miles as of today, June 3, 2015.

When I purchased this car in July 2010, I had it inspected at my local maintenance shop and had intake manifold work done which now apparently needs to be done again. The amount I paid for this work in July 2010 was $ 811 + associated fees and tax.

In Sep 2014, I was advised that this same work needs to be done again. The shop inspection sheet noted:

• evidence of engine oil in cooling system
• further inspection revealed internal leak at intake manifold
• engine not equipped with oil cooler
• need to reseal intake

The shop recommended repairs and services: Intake reseal $ 879 (oil crossover) + associated fees + tax will bring the total to about $ 1000.00.

Perhaps this is normal for my car, but does this seem right to you that this specific work would have to be redone after just 5 years? The shop says that these things happen, and they advise me to get it done soon so that the cost doesn’t increase because of the additional damage I am doing to the car as I continue to drive it.

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