Where do I look to start tracing electrical issues?

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my electric fans were not working so i thought as a temporary fix id install a toggle switch... i used the dome light fuse as my power supply. once installed turned the key on and melted the hot and ground wires running back to the switch as well as the dome fuse.. which was a twenty amp. fast forward tried to start car after replacing the fuse no indicator lights and no power to fuses. only light i get is airbag indicator. checked battery tested good, have been checking fuses found two others that were no good replaced but still the same issue. but in fact i got some power back when i replaced a tan fuse with no amperage stamp,lights,key alert dome lights, etc. but still no indictors still won't start or crank nothing any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • ibezubuibezubu albq,nmMember Posts: 5
    sorry vehicle is a96 camry 4cyl 2.2ltr, manual transmission with 322(K) miles ran great before this blunder
  • ibezubuibezubu albq,nmMember Posts: 5
    thanks for nothing, just looking for a lil help! wrong site i guess!!!
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    Sometimes a little patience will be rewarded
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    Especially over a weekend....

    I'd try removing the switch and see if you could go back to square one. If stuff works again, then you know it's something you did. Chances are it won't though. I suspect you're going to have to trace some wiring and check for continuity to see if something shorted out. You may be able to get a free wiring diagram at bbbind.com.
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    Check for power to the alternator output post. If you don't have power there then you need to check the fusible link wires between the battery and the fuse block.
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    thanks folks dealing with an ailing mother and broken car and a broken swamp cooler so I'm a lil impatient. ill follow thru with your suggestions and get back with any progress. thanks again.
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    Good luck - just noticed that you're a "neighbor" up the road from me. @thecardoc3 is a real tech so check on his alternator output post first.
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    yes there is power at the alternator as well as the starter. i was able to push start the vehicle and it ran, still have a loss of power evidenced by no power windows, ac/heat and no blinkers that I'm aware of. i do have brake lights... progressing but i think at this point I'm going to have to take it in to a shop...been down for two weeks. thankfully i have my motorcycle.
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