2000 Dodge Durango needed an engine computer. Got it and my truck cranked yesterday but not today.

ky2needshelpky2needshelp Member Posts: 2
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Please if someone could help I would appreciate it


  • ky2needshelpky2needshelp Member Posts: 2
    Sorry...it cranked yesterday not today....so what to do .
  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
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    suspect/inspect everything about the electrical system powering the computer as well as the starter motor.
    is the battery new & fully-charged? suspect it if not, and eliminate the possibility of too-low (or too high) voltage causing computer to malfunction. suspect the voltage regulator; it may be integral with the alternator.. look for corroded connections or damaged/dried-out insulation on wires. inspect the wire/connection from negative battery post to starter motor. and/or test it by paralleling it with a single jumper cable, and try starting the car with that single parallel cable in place.
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