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Oil leak on side of engine facing firewall

sixpac440sixpac440 Member Posts: 6
edited July 2015 in Chrysler
chrysler sebring convertible with 2.5 liter It has an oil leak on the side of engine facing fire wall are there any sensors on that side, it is not leaking from crank seal,it leaks a good bit at least half a qt a week i had it at shop before for oil leak and had timing belt ,cam seals and water pump replaced that solved previous oil leak does anyone have any ideas? thanks I am new to this forum


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,572
    Pretty sure the oil pressure sender (switch) is on the backside of that engine near the oil filter. While that's a possible source this really needs to be examined to find the source of the leak.
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