Sputtering, stalling, now don't run

shelley1976shelley1976 Member Posts: 1
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i have a 1998 sebring, it started sputtering and stalling, continued to get worse. then started to drop RPM's just going down the road and would stall. engine light blinked off and on. now it stalled and will not run. anyone have any suggestions?


  • joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    First check that there is gas in the car, seems obvious but if your fuel gauge is malfunctioning you might not realize you're on empty. Then check the spark plugs. If those check out then maybe you have an air intake problem somewhere, possibly a leak in your gasket or a bad carburetor. The sputtering/stalling definitely sounds like the engine is being deprived of either air or gas or both, so I'd focus on that, but definitely check the spark plugs which are easy to do, make sure the ceramic is not cracked or the tips are not dirty.
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