What would cause your speedometer, rpm and gas gauges to all of a sudden go around in circles?

Sherry66Sherry66 WythevilleMember Posts: 1
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My gauges all of a sudden started going around in circles, so I pulled off of the highway and stopped my car put it in park and it made this awful noise, Started it again and put in drive to see if it would go and all it wanted to do i roll back. Anybody have any clues as to what is going on with my car.


  • joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    First and easiest thing you can do is check your battery terminals to make sure they have a secure connection. If that doesn't fix it, you can check the car for diagnostic code problems at an Autozone. A more expensive fix is something is wrong with the alternator. If the car also shuts off while driving, or the battery dies after sitting for a while, it is most likely the alternator.
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