Can a broken motor suport cause my 2000 Quest not to shift out of first gear?

brownman64brownman64 Member Posts: 1
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hello i have a 2000 Nissan quest 6 cly with about 138,000 mi while driving i felt a hard jerk after that
my transmission wont shift to second gear, i notice a broken
motor support could that be part of the problem why it wont shift to the second gear, before
that jerk my transmission was perfect can anyone help



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    I'm not a mechanic but I've read similar reports occasionally over the years with other vehicles. So could be. Check with the Villager/Quest Yahoo Group for specifics with this vehicle.

    Nice rides, I miss the '99 I sold last year with 200k on it. Too many issues started piling up, AC mostly. Never a transmission issue, just some distributor problems a few times.
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