Behind the overhead light console-causing problems

crouchbabycrouchbaby Member Posts: 1
I have an '08, and long story short, my entire overhead console is broken (the console contains 2 lights, a power door main power switch, and individual door controls). I immediately lost all inside overhead lights, the Air Bag light on the dash came on, and the ac/heat will only work on high (no matter what setting it's on)

I removed the one remaining middle piece of the console and can now see a circuit board (?) type thing and 3 small metal "arms" that attach to the back of the board. One of the metal arms has come loose.

Can anyone advise how I can go about repairing it? Pushing the arm back into the board hasn't fixed the ac/heat problem. I replaced the cabin light fuse, but the lights in the overhead console will not turn off now-the other overhead lights turn on and off fine. And the air bag light is still on. Any advice?


  • km_2828km_2828 Member Posts: 2
    Hi. I am wondering what was your solution. I, also, broke the overhead console on my Sedona. All the interior lights are out, power sliding doors only work with the key FOB. But my biggest concern is the Airbag light, as that one came on, as well. Thanks in advance.
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