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2016 BMW X4 - is this a good lease deal

margaret2013x3margaret2013x3 Member Posts: 13
edited September 2015 in BMW
Thank you in advance for answering my question, is this a good deal. The money factor is too high which I will negotiate as well as the $499.00 processing fee. Should I pay the taxes and fees up front. My intent is to negotiate the total price of the car at 48,482 OTD. I am told they have a way of sneaking in the taxes and fees anyway. Any insight will help. Trina

2016 BMW X4 28i
MSRP $52,800
Sonic Price $48,582
Processing Fee $499
Taxes $2,095
Tags (2 yrs) $116
Down Payment is taxes, tags, fee’s and acquisition fee of $925= $3,635
Monthly payment of $683/mo for 36 months with 15K a year for mileage
Residual is 55% $29,040
Money Factor .0018

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  • margaret2013x3margaret2013x3 Member Posts: 13
    Hi I used the Edmunds calculator and came up with 663. The residual was 29655. Would you happen to know what may be missing why the calculations are off. Thanks
  • margaret2013x3margaret2013x3 Member Posts: 13
    Thank you for providing additional information.
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