Passenger door will not unlock with sliding rear door key fob

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 I'm not sure what the feature is called but when we use the keyfob to open the sliding doors on our TnC it automatically unlocks the front door of that side. For some reason the passenger-side stopped working like this.  The lock itself works both electronically through the keyfob unlock button and the door switch. Is there a feature I  inadvertently disabled or is there something that I'm missing that needs to be repaired? Thank you for your help! 


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Hm, that's interesting. We got an '09 Grand Caravan about a year ago with the power sliders and I never noticed that opening the slider with the fob unlocks the front door on the same side as the slider.

    Have you tried it with your other fob?

    It sounds like something that needs to be repaired instead of a "feature" but I haven't played with mine enough to really say. I had mine set to open both front doors with a single push of the fob but that changed when I had the fobs replaced under a recall. One of these days I'm going to figure that out again.

    I don't see any recalls for the 2010s, but you should go to and plug in your VIN to be sure.
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