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Battery light has been going on then off for couple weeks sounds funny under hood and....

eheitzkeyeheitzkey Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Chrysler
The battery has been going on and off for a couple weeks now. Now this battery is only 4 weeks old .and the one prior was only 10 months old. where i took it said the battery had a short, So now 4 weeks after this new one i get the battery light going on occasionally. Now yesterday I tried starting my car when i got out of the store and nothing so I had to ask someone to jump. That got it started but as I'm driving every single dash light came on from the check engine to my traction light that only comes on in the winter (wis). Then i noticed that the rpm's were way over 3 to almost 4 and i was only going 30 mph. I just wanted to make it to the house which was about 4 mi. By the time i got there i just barely pulled in the driveway and all the interior lights ;dash radio,buttons went out and the heat just goes to full blast when i didn't even have it on. i turned the key to off and realized windows were down and sunroof. asked a neighbor for a jump but then i couldn't even open the trunk to get my cables out. Their is no other way to get into the trunk which i never realized which is really stupid. Some of the lights worked and the locks would lock and unlock with the remote but that was it. i eventually got it hooked to a battery to get the windows up but this is so frustrating. already put $1100 into this car this year. Ive ownced this car since 2011


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Sounds like a charging system problem--once the battery voltage reaches a certain low point, the entire car's computer network is going to go crazy. I would have the alternator tested, as well as clean up all your battery cables, both ends, + and -, and also the engine-to-frame ground cable.
  • johnee79johnee79 Member Posts: 2
    Hi there my Sebring 2.0 2007 died on me completely couple of nights back managed to get it recovered to my home. Firstly, replaced glow plugs around 2weeks ago, as I was advised to do this by the person I purchased car from. 2ndly why does this car always sound so loud whilst idling...anyway. On my way home from work couple of nights back when my oil light came on so instinctively I pulled into garage and topped it up, started the car Alls fine, then five minutes later it lit up like a Xmas tree (dash lights)went into limp mode then lost all power and control of the car till it finally came to rest on the hard shoulder. Just wondering whether it's time to give up the ghost on this or pay out on it to fix ....help??
  • johnee79johnee79 Member Posts: 2
    Just like to add that I'm a complete mechanical novice, infact I'm not that good
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