Bank auto loan Vs. dealership

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Car dealership wants both of our names on my bank's auto loan check for her to be a co-buyer. I was thinking it was a plot for us to use the dealership's finance service. Though, they said they would match our 1.74%. We declined and said to come back with a new check with her name on it too. I called the bank and they said they disagreed with what the dealership had to say. This was a weekend and the bank was already closed. I'm thinking they knew the bank was closed and we would end up financing with them. We intended to drive out of there with a new Forester. I want my wife's name as a co-buyer so we could build up her credit. We already had the check and the manager wanted to see it (yeah right). I said we'd come back next week with a new check and her name on it. Can someone verify if my wife's name has to be on the auto loan check to be a co-buyer? We live in California.


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    One caveat...I believe if both names are on the application for credit then the credit rate will be pinned to the person with the lesser credit score. Ask your bank about this.
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