Safe vehicle for short drivers?

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Back story: My wife was recently in a bad accident that changed our lives forever. An older gentlemen didn't see her and pulled in front totaling our 2001 Focus and sending her to the hospital. Thankfully an officer witnessed the incident. however, our hospital dropped the ball and sent her home without looking her over. The next day she was have memory issues, knee and back pain.

She required a $105,000 spinal fusion with a full cage at the age of 25, and a knee replacement. Not only did she have physical damage, but mental as well. She now suffers from seizures and memory loss. Thankfully seizures are now under control and she is getting her drivers license back mid January.

The question: We want a new(er) vehicle, but due to her accident she is concerned with safety being a short driver. What would you recommend?

Requirements: She really wants something 5 star rated.

Would like AWD / 4WD, but not required (grew up driving RWD trucks on ice, we know how to drive ;-) )

Something that can take a hit (truck hit her), in her words " I am winning next time."

She is 4'11" and fairly petite. Hard to find vehicles that fit her correctly. Note: Every GM is out - they never fit her, and only Ford that fits her is the new F-150 with adjustable pedals and steering column.

We love Subaru's and have owned many older models over the years. Toyota's typically fit her well, but their AWD system is not great.

Needs heated seats for her back and out cold Alaskan winters.

Needs to be Automatic (Focus was manual, and due to spinal fusion cannot depress clutch comfortably).

Good gas mileage would be nice, but not a requirement.

Price range: $10,000 - $33,000 cash and can be used with lower miles or new with great rebates.

Thank you in advance!

I know it is a tall order, but we are having issues finding something that fits just right especially in out location. The only local dealer(s) are Jeep / Chrysler and Ford. So if you are short or have a short loved one / friend what do they drive? What would you recommend? Our closest dealer network is 3.5 hours away so we would take 3-4 days in Anchorage testing vehicles.


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    Sorry to hear that. Friends had a bad accident on the New Seward highway about five years ago. They were in a Suburban and fared better than your wife. They got another Suburban and more recently a ML-350. They also had an Explorer for a while.

    Since an Explorer with adjustable pedals won't work, l dunno. Your wife may be happier in something bigger than a Subaru. F-150's are pretty plush rides these days.
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    Maybe an Audi A4....Toyota Highlander...Volvo XC90?
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    @xwesx is a "neighbor" - maybe he has some suggestions. Of course he likes the Edge, but sounds like it won't fit either.
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